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The Girl With The Golden Breasts


Trapped Ashes Ken Russell 

Ken is one of the directors who contributed to a horror anthology, Trapped Ashes in 2006.  It is "a horror-supernatural anthology, where four people who are stuck in a room each tell a creepy story."  Russell's segment, the first in the series, is called The Girl with Golden Breasts.  Other directors are Sean S Cunningham (of Friday the 13th fame), Monte Hellman and John Gaeta (visual effects on The Matrix).  Joe Dante directs the outline story.  Tobe Hooper was to direct a segment but dropped out.  Thanks to Steve and Joseph for the information.

Rachel Veltri and Richard Ian Cox star.  Dennis Bartok wrote the stories which are poor apart from Stanley's Girlfriend about why Kubrick left the USA for the UK (Bartok is also a producer, and his brother Jayce Bartok appears in the film).  Cinematography is by Zoran Popovic and film editing by Marcus Manton.  Ken's wife Elize is credited as Ken's assistant.  Ken was paid $50,000 and he filmed his 24 minute segment in four and a third days (from DVD commentary).

Trapped Ashes : The Girl with the Golden Breasts   Trapped Ashes : The Girl with the Golden Breasts

Struggling actress Phoebe doesn't get the roles, so she gets breast implants to improve her chances.  But this plastic surgery uses material processed from dead bodies, and in true Frankenstein style this gives problems- her breasts seem to bite.  She discovers the surgery was part of an experiment and the breasts need human blood to survive.

Trapped Ashes : The Girl with the Golden Breasts

Trapped Ashes : The Girl with the Golden Breasts

The films follows the pattern of British Amicus Film horror stories, strangers trapped together in a mysterious house, with a strange host, and each has to tell a horror tale.  As a twist in the tale, each story has a coda predicting the gruesome future.  Finally it appears the strangers are trapped in the house forever, doomed to repeat the experience, though this does make the coda predicting the future a plot hole as they will never have a future outside the house.  The film is quite tedious.

Ken plays Dr. Lucy in drag, one of the three doctors who appear at the end of the segment.

Trapped Ashes



Other films released in 2006 include Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Casino Royale, Scorsese's The Departed (Oscar) and Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth.

Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest  Casino Royale  The Departed Scorsese  Pan's Labyrinth Guillermo del Toro


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