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Ken Russell tv video stage radio

click on the images for reviews and photos of Ken Russell's work for tv and video

click for reviews and photos Amateur days

Picture Stories (Charlotte Bronte)
Peepshow, Knights on Bikes
Amelia and the Angel, Lourdes

click for reviews and photos Monitor shorts

Poet's London, Gordon Jacob, Guitar Crazy
Variations on a mechanical theme, Two Painters
Portrait of a Goon, Marie Rambert remembers, Architecture and entertainment
Cranks at Work, The miner's picnic, Shelagh Delaney's Salford
A house in Bayswater, The light fantastic
London Moods, Antonio Gaudi, Lotte Lenya sings Kurt Weill
Old Battersea House

click for reviews and photos Monitor classics

Portrait of a Soviet Composer, Pop goes the easel
Preservation man, Mr Chesher´s traction engines
Elgar, Watch the birdie, The lonely shore
Bartok, The dotty world of James Lloyd
Diary of a nobody

click for reviews and photos Omnibus classics

The Debussy Film
Always on a Sunday Don't shoot the composer
Isadora , Dante's Inferno
Song of Summer
Dance of the Seven Veils

click for reviews and photos Clouds of Glory

William and Dorothy, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

ABC of British Music, A British Picture, The Planets

click for reviews and photos Secret Lives

Vaughan Williams, The Strange Affliction of Anton Bruckner
The Secret Life of Sir Arnold Bax
The Mystery of Doctor Martinu, Classic Widows
In Search of the English Folk Song

click for reviews and photos Dogboys and belles

Stories of Seduction, Prisoners of Honor
Lady Chatterley, Alice in Russialand
Ken Russell's Treasure Island, Tales of Erotica
Dogboys, Brighton Belles
Elgar A Portrait of the Composer on a Bicycle

click for films Gorsewood and beyond

Lion's Mouth, The Fall of the Louse of Usher
Revenge of the Elephant Man (Hot Pants 1)
The Mystery of Mata Hari (Hot Pants 2)
The Goodship Venus (Hot Pants 3)

Time videos

Trial of the Century, She's S Beautiful
Phantom of the Opera, Nikita, Cry for Heaven
Diana, Its all coming back to me now
Teenager in Love

Il Mefistofele Opera

The Rake's Progress (Stravinsky)

Madama Butterfly (Puccini)
The Italian Girl in Algiers (Rossini)
La Boheme (Puccini)
Die Soldaten (Zimmerman)
Faust (Gounod)
Mefistofoles (Boite)
Princess Ida (Gilbert and Sullivan)
Salome (Richard Strauss)

stage and radio

Weill and Lenya

The Death of Scriabin (radio play)

click on the images for reviews and photos of Ken Russell's work for tv