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Alex Russell, one of Ken's sons, has his own art site: Alex Alien's Art and his School of Francis Bacon.  EP: "Did Bacon know or work with your father, Ken Russell?"

AA: "No: they never met though Bacon told me he admired my father's work. When I knew Bacon, my father was producing opera productions and I suggested to Bacon that he should design the sets for Salome (which my father produced under conductor, Horts Stein in Geneva) or Elektra...  Sadly, he never met my father."



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caricature (link has gone)

A drawing of Ken Russell. Fine but not spectacular.

click for link Oliver Reed and Ken Russell

This started as a good Oliver Reed site, and was now being expanded into a Ken Russell site, though hasn't been updated for a long while. Reviews and photos.

"Reed found a soulmate in the likes of Keith Moon who he met while filming "Tommy." Moon may have been the only person who could match Reed drink for drink. Reed remains the only British film star who never had any stage work of any kind".


click for link Asheville Film Festival 2005.  A good short overview of Ken's work with photos.

"There was no such thing as MTV and the immense debt owed to Russell's film by the music-video form is incalculable. It's also worth noting that Tommy was the first film to use the Dolby recording system, and the first film to be made in Surround Sound, albeit in an experimental form called "Quintophonic" sound. Everything about the film was new, fresh, shining. The ad campaign claimed, without characteristic hyperbole, "Your senses will never be the same." More than a movie, Tommy was an experience. And it remains so."  Thanks to Steve for the link.


Ken Russell


Facts about Henry Kenneth Alfred Russell.  Thanks to Steve for the link.

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Discussion groups

KenRussell Savage Messiah discussion

This site's discussion board.  No need to register or subscribe (though you can if you want).  Lots of news items come here first.

Click here for the forum


click for link The Lair of Ken Russell

A revived discussion group chaired by Barry.  You can either send and receive e-mails, or look at messages via the site.  To subscribe visit the site and register (free)

click for link egroups

KJ's original discussion group via egroups "I'm hoping that all of us fans can get together and have a good chat about the man and his movies".  You can either send and receive e-mails, or look at messages via the site.  To subscribe either visit the site and register (free)


click for link Discussion

A discussion on Ken Russell and Leomania and lots of other things chaired by Ken Hanke (Ken Russell's biographer).   It was recommended, but it hasnīt really been active for a long while.

"Films I would re-evaluate? French Dressing is top of that list. I might have to rethink some of Billion Dollar Brain, too. Women in Love seems better to me now than then. I know I badly underrated Valentino and think I overrated Altered States".


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