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Click for Graham Armitage Graham Armitage

An overview of Armitage´s career. He was Louis XIII in The Devils.

click for South Bank South Bank

Melvyn Bragg and the South Bank Show listings (Planets 1982, ABC 1987, A British Picture 1989, Bruckner 1990, Ken Russell 2000).

Click for Kenneth Colley Kenneth Colley

Concentrating on his Star Wars work.

click for Georges Delerue Georges Delerue

A site on the composer of French Dressing and Women in Love, as well as the subject ok Ken's Don't Shoot the Composer.

Click for Amanda Donohoe Amanda Donohoe

A fan site on Amanda Donohoe, sublime in The Lair of the White Worm, as well as The Rainbow.

The site includes the full text of Ken Hanke´s article The Lair of the White Haired Filmmaker.

Click for Gallon Drunk Gallon Drunk

The lead vocalist of Gallon Drunk has a leading role in both The Fall of the Louse of Usher and the new Elgar.

Click for Glenda Jackson Glenda Jackson (link has gone)

An interview, which provides a good summary of Jackson's career in theatre.

"Acting is hard work, not a mystical process. You clear the undergrowth, you get rid of the stuff that isn’t useful, you discard the ideas that aren’t right. You do everything you can, both physically and mentally, to be ready for something else to happen. And that’s what a performance is."

Click for Glenda Jackson Glenda Jackson (link has gone)

Glenda Jackson the politician, now a Labour member of parliament.

Glenda gave up her career as an actress when she decided to seek selection as a Labour candidate for the 1992 general election, "you can't be a part-time MP anymore than you can be a part-time actress!"

Click for Derek Jarman Derek Jarman (link has gone)

An interview with Jarman with some references to Russell.

"I'd worked for Ken on these two big films they were so big that you couldn't really get involved in a sense. I mean something as big as The Devils; I just pop my head round the door in the morning and then disappeared again".

Click for Derek Jarman Derek Jarman

A short biography of Jarman the director.

"This truth and honesty is also a quality found in Jarman's films; he eschewed the expense and contrivance of big-budget films for the simplicity of Super8 stock. Even Jarman's most expensive films were made at a fraction of the cost of the cheapest Hollywood film".

Click for Christopher Logue Christopher Logue

Logue was an actor for Ken Russell (Richelieu in The Devils) and a scriptwriter (Savage Messiah). He is now best known as a poet.

Click for Peter Maxwell Davies Peter Maxwell Davies

The site of the classical composer. You can listen to his music for The Devils and The Boyfriend.

"It consists of Davies's orchestrations of seven Sandy Wilson musical numbers connected by new piano links, and ends with an extended, newly composed section, Polly's Dream".

Click for Mediaeval Babes Mediæval Bæbes

The official site of the Mediæval Bæbes, from Lion's Mouth and The Fall of the Louse of Usher.

Click for Robert Powell Robert Powell

The Unofficial Robert Powell site with an overview of his work.  "[Tommy is] Crap!!!!!! When I told you that Mahler was the only beautiful film by Ken Russell is because it's true!"


Click for Robert Powell Powell and Jesus

Robert Powell, concentrating on Jesus of Nazareth.

Click for Robert Powell Robert Powell 

A fan site including photos and some sound bites.


click for link Robert Powell interview

Very general mentioning Mahler in passing. It mentions Color Me Kubrick as his latest film- Ken has a cameo role in that.  Thanks to Steve for the link.

Click for Oliver Reed Oliver Reed

Oliver Reed fan site.

"Elvaston is the place to go for Women In Love location heaven.

Peer through the ground floor window on the terrace and see the fireplace in front of which Ollie and Alan Bates wrestled so memorably. Have a wander around the lake and recall Ollie searching frantically for his lost sister. Go up to the first floor and walk around the room, the window seat of which Ollie sat in and looking out at the view  as he kept his dying father company in the film. 

Walk up the Great Avenue and look at the east face of the castle as it appeared on the day of the garden party, when Glenda Jackson as Gudrun, said, "The Crich's are afraid we'll run 'orf' with the silver!""

Click for Oliver Reed Oliver Reed

Oliver Reed photos.

Click for Oliver Reed Oliver Reed

Tributes after his death:

"In The Devils he displays a technical range - a gift for oratory and the structured set speech and an ability to sustain the harsh psychological scrutiny of the tight close-up - for which one would have to go to Olivier in Spartacus or Brando in Julius Caesar to surpass."

Click for Vladek Sheyball Vladek Sheybal

Sheybal played the director in The Debussy Film and De Thrill in The Boyfriend.

click for Donald Sutherland Donald Sutherland

Includes the detail that the computer voice in Billion Dollar Brain was by Donald Sutherland.

click for Twiggy Twiggy

The official site.

Click for Rick Wakeman Rick Wakeman

Wakeman´s own site including details of his music, such as the soundtracks for Lisztomania and Crimes of Passion.

Click for Billy Williams

Click for Billy Williams

Billy Williams

An overview of Williams, cinematographer on Women in Love, The Rainbow and other Russell films:

"The opportunity I had to work on black-and-white documentaries and commercials was a great learning advantage. If you study paintings by the masters, although they are in color, you find that the artists used light and shadow to separate figures from the background. Black and white has a more interesting, almost three dimensional, perspective that allows the emphasis to be on what you want an audience to see. The actors' performances should always be the most important. As a cinematographer, if you can enhance that performance, then you are making a contribution to the picture"

and an interview:

"Looking back, did your work come from an aesthetic sense?

Well, I think some of it has to be within. I think it must have been ingrained in me because I've always been surrounded by moving images, but maybe I was born with some tiny talent as well. The fact that I'd been immersed in this all my life I think was an advantage, but you've always got to be looking forward to do something else. I did Women in Love in 1968, and in those days, it wasn't thought to be very smart to mix the color of light."


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