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Ken Russell
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  The five best Ken Russell films
Murray Melvin as Mignon in The Devils The Devils

Women in Love

The Music Lovers


Savage Messiah

Perhaps typical of Ken Russell, every film has been voted best film by someone, and only one film has not been voted worst film. Lisztomania is often in the top five of both the best and worst. The Devils has double the votes of the next best film.




  The five worst Ken Russell films
Ken Russell Whore Whore








  The best scene
Ken Russell Women in Love

Wrestling from Women in Love

Marilyn Monroes from Tommy

Tchaikovsky seeing all the "music lovers" while dying in The Music Lovers

The extraordinary tracking shot in the studio during the "Rivera" number in The Boyfriend

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  A film Ken Russell should have done
Camino Real directed Mel Shapiro Camino Real, the experimental play by Tennessee Williams


Doris Lessing´s The Marriage Between Zones Three, Four and Five

Anything that is not firmly based in reality

A Confederacy of Dunces

 A remake of Bride of Frankenstein

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  Worst subject for Ken Russell's style
Joni Mitchell The Joni Mitchell Story

Mindbender II

The Mother Theresa Story

Films based in a real environment/ reality based films, for example Whore

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  Films and directors influenced by Ken Russell
Wicker Man Wicker Man

Apocalypse Now!

Moulin Rouge is a bad Russell film with hip actors

The Cell

He has influenced many young Australian filmmakers - he is one of my favourites and always will be. His images still stick all these years later. Savage Messiah in particular

Ken Russell could make the craziest idea seem normal and Lynch could make the most normal scene be weird and unsettling

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  Vote for the best and worst

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