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Ken Russell television



1967 Dante's Inferno

Oliver Reed again stars this time as Dante Gabriel Rosetti who out of love buried his poetry with his dead lover, only later to have it exhumed as his creative talents have faded and he needs the poems to sustain his reputation.

Ken Russell Dante Inferno

Again a spectacular start by Russell, the light shining on the coffin being raised, the poems pulled from the skeleton's hand, followed by the carnival with Reed jumping through the bonfire.

Ken Russell Dante Inferno One of Russell's best works, full of atmosphere, imagery, lighting.  Compare the image (left) with Metropolis/ Bride of Frankenstein. This image comes back for example in Aria.  And the image (right) with The Cabinet of Dr Caligari and Peepshow.

(photo from Hanke´s book)

Ken Russell Dante Inferno

Alongside Reed are Judith Paris, Andrew Faulds, Iza Teller as Christina Rosetti and Gala Mitchell. Derek Boshier, one of the artists from Pop Goes the Easel, plays Millais. The script was co-written by Russell and Austin Frazer.

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