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  • The Nelson Mandela Story
  • the Boer War
  • ones about sex? LOL! Not too sure...he's a brilliant writer, he could pull anything off in my opinion!
  • anything relating to his personal history - he has done that to death. I would like to see AF reinvent himself now that the struggle is over
  • the white perspective
  • if it moves him he should do it so I would never want to tell him what not to do even if it didn't interest me as much as other subjects
  • stuff on apartheid
  • who are we to prescribe what writers should or should not be aware of and responding to. .."never" such an extreme concept, perhaps part of the s.a. cultural conscious where self and other were construed as untranslatable, an impossibility, hence are continuing implied by this question for extreme binaries of subjects
  • whatever Fugard does, I'm certain, it will be brilliant!
  • Amy Irving
  • anything about Nelson Mandela
  • Jewish comedies
  • Nelson Mandela
  • there is nothing he should never do, playwrights explore and put into words what we in the world cannot or will not....
  • Britney Spears and Eminem
  • an Elizabethan comedy
  • he is the writer - who are we to say what he cannot do....
  • I can't say never to such a writer and the director......coz theatre is all about something new. No keep it going .....don't you think of making a film ? cos u have got that ability
  • something non-South African
  • plays set in the contemporary South African context. In that he would lose the innate quality that the past has a bearing on the events of contemporary South Africa
  • homosexuality; he still hasn't done anything on heterosexuals
  • racism nowdays
  • what a presumptuous question! He knows the answer to that better than anyone else in the world!!
  • druggies~ <(^.^)>
  • cliché social events
  • enough of apartheid
  • broken hearts that never mend
  • steer clear from politics, please. We've heard it all now
  • I think anything that Mr Fugard writes would be an inspiration in many ways. He said himself that he doesn't read  reviews which tells me that he'll simply write anything he darn well wants to
  • a play about how females get circumsized in Africa
  • subjects that are too personal (sexual proclivities, etc.)
  • nude scenes, overtly politically correct plays and pedantic ideas that are beneath his talent

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