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  • the guards who were in charge of Steve Biko
  • the inmates of Robben Island prison becoming the tour guides for the new museum of the prison
  • the Ferry captain who once took prisoners to Robben Island and now takes tourists
  • a play about his father
  • more plays dealing with the present situation in South Africa and the problems the TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission) has raised
  • more political plays
  • life in the New South Africa (two votes)
  • the changes in what is going on now and how they could continue to grow and change for the better
  • Cousins: two short related plays
  • a play about a relationship between a husband and wife, starting normally but ending in separation. Taking place in real time, and without shouting and screaming just talking
  • what's happened since the end of Apartheid in South Africa
  • cool stuff. Anything that is completely different to all the plays he's written so far
  • historical amnesia and the implications thereof
  • a rewrite of "Pigs"
  • the white farmers in Zimbabwe
  • teachers
  • a sequel to People Are Living There. Lets see Mildred Constance Jenkins in 20 years as she faces death. And lets see what happened to Shorty´s love life. What happened to the lay-about Don. Taking historical changes into account and the addition of one or two more characters, it will be a total success - a further epiphany on the neurosis of our time!
  • men abandoning women - child abuse
  • something about the United States...he's spent a fair amount of time there
  • alcoholism, down and out type stuff, something more autobiographical like O'Neill would do
  • his father
  • Steve Biko
  • the story of one of the victims who testified at the TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission)
  • the women's perspective in South Africa 1950's
  • a story of someone escaping from prison
  • life in the concentration camps during the Anglo-Boer war
  • the lives of tramps, in relation to society and their downfall
  • a play set far in Africa's past, like 1600
  • an African epic
  • Bob Marley
  • a comedy
  • modern day Nieu Bethesda
  • I can't say what cos he always come with something nice and new !!!!!!!!!!!!! but I wish and hope to see him rocking today's life
  • reality vs. illusion
  • love and peace in Africa
  • staying true to post-apartheid S.A. he will tell stories of people we don't know in situations we have heard of. Maybe something about people who lost their homes in the recent floods. He said he'd like to
  • homosexuality in the townships and the people's responses to discrimination of their own decree
  • reverse racism mirroring apartheid showing a black american and an arab in USA
  • South Africa, TODAY. This site is so important for those of us who are teaching and directing his works! keep updating. Great selections and images
  • the plight of foreigners who come to SA in search of the new Jerusalem, and the ordeal they go through due  to the xenophobia rampant in this country: we are turning into a cold, mean-spirited little nation that is selfish with its freedoms! Do something about the people who have to run and hide in the new South Africa because of the stigma of makwerekwere!
  • the subject that Fugard should maybe do is the decline of the apartheid system in South Africa
  • My Africa
  • the concept of God in semitic religions
  • a specific narration of his childhood days in South Africa represented as a sentimental comedy.  Keep up the good work. bless you Mr Fugard for exposing apartheid through the ingenious use of art
  • New South Africa- 1) capitalist elites vs. reconstruction of a nation, 2) PAGAD (People Against Gangsterism and Drugs) from well intentioned beginning to extremist end? 3) AIDS- struggling township women 'adopting' abandoned babies
  • the battle of ideas and struggle for power in the contemporary ANC
  • homosexuality, concentrate mostly on prejudice against them
  • something to sum up apartheid, the horrors. But also to end it once and for all and allow us to rejoice in our new South Africa
  • I know he doesn't like to live in the past, but the Craddock 4 would be an ideal subject, or Amy Biehl. Sorry, but so far neither of these have had an adequate spokesperson
  • traffic- the hustle and bustle of every day life
  • about the current world situation
  • Sizwe Bansi is Dead
  • Fugard deals with FUTILITY in a most masterful manner. Anything related to existentialism
  • anything that this Master of plays feels he can do. He is an amazing playwright - maybe something about his perspective on the world today told through the lives of some great new characters
  • again the white farmers in Zimbabwe
  • love amidst AIDS
  • a play about the influences American culture has had on South Africa. Or a play about enslaving black people by making them tend to the owner´s diamond mines
  • older man, younger woman, complexity of their relationship
  • about world war 3 or the media and the relation between people
  • one of a black student and her life as teenager it's of her abuse as a child and the abuse she goes through as an adult
  • Modern day South Africa.  The creation of the Space Theatre in Cape Town and its endeavours to survive under Apartheid
  • Winnie Mandela
  • usually the author is the best judge of what s/he should try next
  • Fugard is a brilliant playwright, I'd like him to write a play about his life. Is Exits and Entrances about his life? I hope not!!  I love his work. what is his inspiration for such great works!
  • we've heard a lot about Mandela
  • white South Africa on the new South Africa. How do they really feel, are they justified. To some extent I understand their frustrations but do you agree?
  • tragedy in Zimbabwe
  • a play about Lord Kitchner

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