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Athol Fugard My Children My Africa

  • the mime sequence at the beginning of The Island
  • the Author turning into Buks in Valley Song
  • in My Children! My Africa! right before Mr. M. dies...made me cry
  • the monologues in A place with the pigs
  • the confrontation of Hally in Master Harold
  • Am I not a man from Siswe Bansi
  • the scene between the granddaughter and the old man in Valley Song where she has to stop singing and then is able to sing again: the pain and healing they both have around that is one of the most moving scenes in all of his plays!
  • "What's the use of a little dream? A dream must be big and special...". Veronica in Valley Song
  • Lena's conversations with herself and her dialogue with Outa
  • having recently re-read Valley Song, I must say that I find it one of his most vital, eloquent, modern statements. It shows so adequately the pain, experience, and ultimate triumph of the author and Buks, while keeping Veronica a fabulous, vivacious, pure soul who ultimately teaches everyone a thing or two about life. It shows post-apartheid South Africa in a painful, expressive way, but ultimately ends with the hope of a new generation. One of his best...
  • Yes I know your name DONOVAN DYLAN BRADSHAW! (in our version of People are Living There)
  • I teach Master Harold to high school students and it has never ceased to move them
  • the party scene in Act 2 of People Are Living There. The ironies ring out loud and they make me want to get up off my chair and go and hug each character in empathy with their predicaments. This is drama at its ultimate
  • when all the candles are lit in The Road To Mecca
  • throwing those doors open in Place With the Pigs
  • Playland- the monologues are harrowing and moving
  • the singing in act two of People Are Living There
  • the kite part in Master Harold
  • the "game" scene in Blood Knot
  • Master Harold and the Boys from beginning to end
  • Hally's spitting in Sam's face (Master Harold)
  • Boesman and Lena - when Outa dies and Lena finally says what she wants to, she becomes an independent person
  • The Island - from beginning to end
  • when Hally spits on Sam, because it is like him doing that to his father (Master Harold)
  • Antigone in The Island
  • "Our skin is our trouble" - Sizwe Banzi is Dead
  • The Island intro pantomime- incredibly moving, sets the tone for all that follows
  • the game in Blood Knot - such atmosphere, the air seems to be burning
  • Willie's magnanimity in the end (Master Harold)
  • Fugard's Notebooks 1963-1977 is a wonderful read. It provides great insight into his thinking and observations and how his plays develop from his and his friends experiences
  • Scene 3 ( Counting the days ... "Your freedom stinks, John" ) in The Island. Fugard's plays take you on a complete journey of self discovery... they serve as reminders of our past but stand strong as statements of belief in our future
  • to me, each and every scene in every play I saw is the best
  • The Island, the scene in the cell between John and Winston after John has heard news of his release!!
  • A Place with the Pigs
  • second half of Statements when philander and joubert are being flashed by the cameras and interviewed
  • when Hester comes home in Hello and Goodbye. Played as high comedy
  • the butterfly scene in A Place with the Pigs
  • every scene in every play
  • Sizwe Banzi is Dead- you have your name but what good will that do you or your children. Your children can not eat your name
  • the telephone scene- its so moving (Island)
  • Johnny and Queeny- unable to deal with their pasts (Nongogo)
  • In Statements, the conversation between Errol and Frieda concerning 42 cents, and no tomorrow. Also the dialogue about the water in Bontrug
  • In Master Harold...and the boys when Hally towards the end of the play eventually loses it and goes off about how the reality of life brings nothing but pain
  • the ballroom dancing rehearsal scene in Master  Harold - and the entire People Are Living There
  • Helen Maartens saying: "DARKNESS " (Mecca)
  • the candle scene in The Road to Mecca
  • the last scene in My Children My Africa when Thami must try to explain the death of Mr. M and Isabel must listen and try to understand.  What an exciting resource. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this lovely site
  • Styles' opening monologue about the Ford factory, in Sizwe Bansi.  The dialogue between the watchman and the White ex-soldier in Angola, in Playland
  • your Freedom stinks....
  • the best scene in Sizwe Bansi is Dead is the cockroaches scene
  • Hello and Goodbye the monologue when she recalls the hypocrisy of those who look down on her in the salons of elite hotels- as most of those women married for money and so are also prostituting themselves- and the combative dialogue between the two
  • "dreams" in Valley Song
  • in Mecca- the telling of the man's betrayal of both his wife and lover, and the greater parallel of the new SA
  • we are performing Island in Miami. My favorite scene is when Winston shows his disdain after hearing of John's release
  • all the dialogue in Hello and Goodbye, u really have to get into it though
  • the conversation between Sam and Hally about the kite making and flying
  • the first Scene in Hello and Goodbye - every scene in Hello and Goodbye. It's the best of his work I think. I keep coming back to it. I can't seem to shake it
  • the final monologue of Philander's in Statements: "They can't interfere with God anymore."
  • Hester unpacking the boxes in Hello and Goodbye
  • the party scene in People are living there
  • The Road to Mecca IN ITS ENTIRETY!
  • the butterfly/car scene in Blood Knot
  • the game scene in Blood Knot
  • the candle scene in Mecca
  • Gladys' breakdown in Aloes and the physical fight scene in Hello and Goodbye
  • the butterfly scene in Blood Knot
  • the forgiveness scene in Playland is heartbreaking and inspiring.  It changed my life
  • in The Island when John has just told Winston that he's going home soon and Winston talks about their friendship and the time spent in prison. You get the feeling that they would do anything for each other. Athol Fugard is a Master and a true genius of theatre. I teach Drama to high school pupils, but it has always been my dream to direct plays or movies one day too. Fugard inspires me to try and reach that dream
  • Sam and Hally talking about the ballroom dancing in Master Harold
  • My Children! My Africa! The scene before Mr M dies, its so emotional
  • Hester physically attacking Johnnie in Hello and Goodbye
  • Hally's embracing Sam's vision of ballroom dancing in Master Harold...& the boys.  Why has Fugard not won the Nobel Prize for Literature? Is it that his honesty has made him enemies in both the white and black communities of the world?
  • I would have to say it is Hally's monologue where he describes Sam making the kite for him. That monologue reveals his colonial constructions and inadvertent ideology (Master Harold)
  • Miss Helen and Elsa at the end of Mecca
  • the car scene in Blood Knot.  Great idea to give people a chance to give their opinions
  • Milly's resentment for ex-lover (People are Living There).  You're the best playwright, thank you hope we meet in future
  • "...send Christian souls on the road to Mecca
  • Hester and Johnie's entire lines (Hello and Goodbye)
  • about trust...'that's when you drop your defenses, you lay yourself wide open ... and if you've made a mistake you are in big trouble and it hurts like hell"
    Road to Mecca
  • Hello and Goodbye... the complete works
  • the understated eloquence of Sam in Master Harold
  • the closing scene of People are Living There just shows how tenacious humanity is and how everyone, even if they think they're hopeless, has actually got a fairly tight grip on life
  • Halley's phone conversation with his mom on learning that his alcoholic father is coming home to live out the last cycle of his disease (Master Harold)
  • the scene where Sam finds the courage to forgive Halley. Halley's humiliation of Sam amounts to "Loss of innocence" as he is made to realize that he has the same mindset of his alcoholic father (Master Harold)
  • in Nonogo where Queeny says I'm a woman Johny, and where she says what man the was no man here
  • the beginning of Boesman and Lena
  • John and Winston in the cell discussing his new found freedom in The Island
  • Dear Mr Fugard or rather to who it may concern. I would like to express my disappointment in your web site. I studied your township plays and truly believe they are by far the best work out of Africa and to me undoubtedly one of the best playwrights in the entire world.  My complaint is about the inadequacy of your web page.  I am a university student at Cape Breaton University in Canada and I was recently asked to speak on your plays for a literature class but when I looked up your web page for an act for your text I was disappointed to find that you do not provide any.  I managed to have a book sent to me from my home in Zimbabwe as there is a very limited knowledge of your work here. So in short I would like to request that you post a bit of your work for future reference.  Sir your work is brilliant, please share it with the rest of the world
  • just saw Exits and Entrances in Santa Barbara! WOW!  One of the closing lines by Andre was very wonderful, but I cannot remember it exactly. It was something about the playwright's passion and setting it on fire or fanning the flames....
  • Glady's Act Two monologue in A Lesson From Aloes. Brilliant and heartbreaking
  • at the very end of Master Harold, Willy wants Sam to feel like there's still hope for the world, and so he promises Sam that he will never hit his girlfriend again. It's so sweet.
  • the factory scene in Sizwe Bansi is Dead
  • the spitting scene from Master Harold...
  • the garment-ripping scene from Sizwe
  • the "dress suit" and alarm clock scene (jacket, cane, vest etc.) in Blood Knot.  I think there should be a push to nominate Fugard for the Nobel Prize
  • the two last monologues in Statements



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