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An archive of hot news from 2001 and before


Athol Fugard at Barnes & Noble Union Square on 7 Jan 2002. He will sign books and discuss Sorrows and Rejoicings and other plays. (Jan 2002)


The West Coast Premiere of Athol Fugard's Dimetos. "Once upon a time....there was.....for ever after..". Directed by Maggie Upton; featuring Tim Sapunor, Adrienne Sher, Jessica Mayhew and Ryan Williams. It is playing at the Thistle Dew Dessert Theatre,. Opens 2 Nov to 8 Dec 2001. (Dec 2001)


A Place with the pigs A Place with the Pigs. Horfield Theatre Company will perform the play in the Fortune Theatre, Bristol, UK on 2-3 Nov 2001. This is a revival of the group's performance- they have been nominated for the Rose Bowl Amateur Dramatics Awards for Best Actor, Best Creativity/Design and Best Dramatic Production. Thanks to Graham for the info. (Nov 2001)


the South African premiere of Sorrows and Rejoicings is in the Baxter's Main Theatre with Marius Weyers, Denise Newman, Jennifer Steyn and Amrain Ismail-Essop (Sept 2001)
Click here for details.


Statements after an arrest under the immorality act in Stratford-upon-Avon (Sept 2001)


Blood Knot in London (Sept 2001)


Blood Knot in Tehran, Iran at the Tehran Theatre with Iman Afsharian and Ashkan Sadeghi, directed by Iman (Aug 2001)


Athol Fugard Blood Knot Blood Knot at the Edinburgh Festival. Performed by the KCS Theatre Company with Daniel Pirrie and Khalid Abdalla (Aug 2001)


BBC Radio Play John Kani and Winston Ntshona performing Island on the radio (BBC World Service) and on Internet (June 2001)


The Island by Athol Fugard John Kani and Winston Ntshona performing Island in Toronto, Canada. Details are here and here (June 2001)


Master Harold... and the boys Master Harold and the Boys in San Francisco here.


Athol Fugard Sorrows and Rejoicings Sorrows and Rejoicings world premiere at McCarter Theatre, Princeton, NJ USA (May 2001)


Siswe Banzi is Dead at Lasalle-SIA in Singapore. Details are here (Apr 2001)


Master Harold at Burbank USA (Feb 2001)


Fugard inducted in the Hall of Fame (Jan 2001) here


Professor Dennis Walder talking on Fugard in London


The Captains Tiger in London


the film of Road to Mecca with Fugard is being shown as part of a South African film season in Amsterdam


Athol Fugard will be at Indiana University to tie in with the new biography. There will be a reading by Fugard and a public conversation between him and Albert Wertheim (author of new biography). Further there is a display of some of his materials at the Lilly Rare Books Library, which owns all his papers. There is a link here


Athol Fugard directs Boesman and Lena at UCSD in California


Fugard is giving a public reading of his works at the University of Iowa in Spring 2000.


The Island, directed by Fugard and starring John Kani and Winston Ntshona in London. This performance is highly recommended (April May 2000)


"Master Harold ... And the Boys" at the AGFA Theatre on the Square in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa.


Valley Song is at the Foothill Theatre Company in Nevada City, California (May 2000)


A version of Island in Turkish, part of a Turkish season in Rotterdam


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