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An archive of the Hot News from 2012

Graft tour

Graft - click for link

George Dillon's recommended performances of Berkoff's Graft continues a national tour:

22 Nov 2012 Firestation Arts Centre, Windsor
 5 Dec 2012 Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton
18 Jan 2013 Stahl Theatre , Oundle
13 Mar 2-13 Mill Arts Centre, Banbury


Six Actors in Search of a Director in London, UK

Steven Berkoff directs the World Premiere of his latest play, Six Actors in Search of a Director at the Charing Cross Theatre, London from 16 May– 23 Jun 2012.

It is a comedy set on a film location: "Six actors are on a movie set waiting for their call. Until then, they are in limbo, needing the director to bring them to life. He does this merely by using the one magic word - Action!"

The cast includes Neil Stuke, Philip Voss, Andrée Bernard, Sarah Chamberlain, Ruth Everett, Jonathan Sidgwick and Paul Trussell.

Click on the image for more details.


East on UK tour

ByMoonlight Theatre present East at the Bristol Festival then on a UK tour.  The details have to be confirmed but the details so far are:

14- 15 May 2012 - Bristol
20 May 2012 - Oxford
21 May 2012 - London
22 May 2012 - London
26 May 2012 - Sheffield
27 May 2012 - Salford
28 May 2012 - Salford
29 May 2012 - Liverpool

Guide2Brighton on 2 May 2012 say "byMoonlight’s cast are all perfect in their roles the leggy Sylv (Sinead MacInnes) filling the stage with her tiny black dress and her consistently spread legs. Sweaty, suave, hypnotising Mike (Turan Duncan) bulging across the stage. Hilarious little Les (Wayne Hughes) playing the small imperceptibly lonely softy. Angry Dad’s (Richard Williams) rants filling the whole theatre and Mother (Andy Currums ) in her baggy stockings and apron drifting into her tacky TV world and dancing to her own internal tune in the background often stole the show. I could watch the play 5 times and see it from a different angle each time – all are infinitely watchable. The Director has stayed true to Berkhoff’s original play but added a warmth that translates it to be as watchable today as it was over 30 years ago."

Click on the image for more details.


The Messiah in London

Zebedee presents a site specific production of The Messiah.  It will be performed in a surviving World War 2 Bunker located in London.   It is on from 15- 26 May 2012.  Click on the image for more details.


The Trial in London

The College of Law Drama Society present The Trial at The Club Theatre at RADA Studios from 1-5 May 2012.

The directors are Radoslav Lolov and Camilla Krishnan.  Benjamin Inigo-Jones plays K, Sinead Elset is Mrs Grubnach, Karen Wu is Mrs Burstner, Lucy Ashdown is the laundress, Cahrlie Royce the bailiff, Rain Newel-Lewis is Leni, Laveen Ladharam, is Huld, Jess Nesling is Block and Paddy Herte is Titorelli.

"One morning Joseph K wakes up to discover that none of the children in the nursery like him very much. In fact, they judge him. And so, under arrest, with proceedings brought against him, K gets on with life and seeks exonerate himself before the Law from an offence he knows nothing about. Wherever that Law may be. Or whoever. And, most worryingly, everyone seems to think he is guilty..."


Six Actors in Search of a Director at Charing Cross Theatre, London

Rumours that Berkoff's Six Actors in Search of a Director, which has had a staged reading (in the USA) but no premiere, is coming to London's Charing Cross Theatre.  There is a casting call here.



New play: Six Actors in Search of a Director

Steven Berkoff's new play is Six Actors in Search of a Director (the title is of course a nod to Pirandello's play).  It is "a bird's eye view of the film industry".

The try out was in the Odyssey Theatre is LA, USA, on 6 Mar 2011.  It was directed by Berkoff and the actors were Jan Broberg, Oliver Cowley, Paul Darrigo, Courtney DeCosky, Jase Lindgren, Elizabeth Southard and Michael Tatlock.

Thanks to Kari for the information.


The Trial on tour in UK

Berkoff The Trial - click for link

Blackeyed Theatre Company present The Trial.  The director is Ella Vale, designer Victoria Spearing, costume designer Hannah Gibbs and lighting designer Charlotte McClelland.  The cast are Derek Elwood, Nadia Morgan, Robert Snell, Paul Taylor, Simon Wegrzyn.  It is on at:

24- 25 Jan 2012 Queen's Theatre, Barnstaple
27 Jan Radlett Centre
28 Jan Cornerstone Arts, Didcot
31 Jan- 1 Feb Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton
2 Feb Castle Theatre, Wellingborough
3 Feb Courtyard Theatre, Hereford
7 Feb Middlesbrough Theatre
10 Feb The Byre Theatre, Fife
11 Feb The Brunton Theatre, Mussleburgh
20 Feb Brewhouse, Taunton
21- 25 Feb Greenwich Theatre
27 Feb Buxton Opera House
29 Feb Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal
2 Mar Queen's Hall, Hexham
5- 6 Mar Mumford Theatre, Cambridge
7 Mar The Theatre, Chipping Norton
8 Mar The Lights, Andover
12 Mar Theatre Royal, Margate
13 Mar Key Theatre, Peterborough
14 Mar Stahl Theatre, Oundle
15 Mar Hertford Theatre
16 Mar Trinity Theatre, Tunbridge Wells

19 Mar Stantonbury Campus Theatre
20- 22 Mar Wilde Theatre, Bracknell
23- 24 Mar Connaught Theatre, Worthing
26 Mar Loughborough Town Hall
27 Mar Forum Theatre, Malvern
29 Mar Grand Theatre, Lancaster
30 Mar Venue Cymru, Llandudno

"The Trial is the story of Joseph K, an estranged citizen who finds himself the victim of anonymous governing forces beyond his control. Deceived by authoritarian power, he is relentlessly hunted down for a crime that remains nameless. Finding himself arrested and awaiting trial, K sinks deeper and deeper as he tries to escape through twists and turns that are at once shocking, thrilling and funny.

More than forty years after its first performance, Steven Berkoff’s brilliant adaptation of Franz Kafka’s masterpiece has become a classic work of twentieth century theatre and a widely studied syllabus piece. Kafka’s universal parable about the human condition is retold in Berkoff’s startlingly original, fresh and endlessly surprising play, brought back to the stage in Blackeyed Theatre’s trademark ensemble, physical theatre style to create an inspiring and unforgettable piece of theatre."

Click on the link for more details.  Thanks to Adrian for the information.


Brighton Beach Scumbags in London, UK

Brighton Beach Scumbags - click for link

Brighton Beach Scumbags is presnted by the Tower Theatre performing at the Rosemary Branch Theatre.  It is on from 13- 17 Mar 2012.  The director is Robin Hodges.

"What d'ya want on your bleedin' hamburgers?"

"The primitive battle-cry of Dagenham or Romford, fouling the air with eruptions of deep loathing, frustration and hatred.

Steven Berkoff's lovely day out at the seaside is raw, savage, outrageous and very funny, as two couples on the sunny beach give full rein to their prejudices."

Thanks to Stephen for the information.  Click on the link for details.  Recommended.


Berkoff workshop in London, UK

Berkoff and Godber

A workshop on Berkoff and Godber by Mandy McKenna.

"This brand new workshop provides tasks and exercises to introduce Physical Theatre techniques and develop an understanding of Expressionism and Total Theatre in Steven Berkoff and John Godber’s early work. Total Theatre uses all aspects of theatrecraft to engage the senses and the imagination of the audience. Godber’s early work is influenced by his interest in the powerfully stylised, anti-realistic styles of acting of German Expressionism and the work of Berkoff. Both practitioner's styles are rooted in extreme expressions of theatricality with the actor at the centre of performance. These practitioners give opportunities to play big and bold - to take the space, stretch the body and voice in a way which leads to developing stage confidence and presence."

It is at the Toynbee Studios, London on 10 Mar 2012.  Click on the image for more details.


Sink the Belgrano! in Maidenhead, UK

Henley College's BTEC Performing Arts course present their end of year show, Sink The Belgrano.  The director is Neil McCurley.

It is on from 7- 9 Mar 2012 at The Norden Farm Centre For The Arts in Maidenhead.

Thanks to Sarah for the information.  Details are here.


Shakespeare's Villains

Steven Berkoff

Steven Berkoff continues his one-man tour of Shakespeare's Villains:

  • Nottingham Playhouse on 7 Feb 2012


An Evening with Steven Berkoff

Steven Berkoff - click for more details

Berkoff is in conversation:

  • The Braintree Arts Theatre, Essex on 3 Feb 2012

  • Equal People at The Tabernacle in North Kensington, London on 11 Feb 2012

  • Avonbourne School, Bournemouth on 16 Nov 2011- POSTPONED.  This will now take place on 19 Jan 2012


Shakespeare's Villains in Wolverhampton, UK

Steven Berkoff- click for link

Shakespeare's Villains is on 8- 9 Feb 2012 at the Arena Theatre.  Click on the image for more details.


The Trial in London, UK

Steven Berkoff The Trial based on Kafka

WorkSpace Productions present The Trial at The Space in London on 19- 21 Jan 2012.  "a fast-paced, ensemble-delivered and darkly humorous look into K’s unsettling crusade for justice."


Oedipus and the Astronaut

Oedipus and the Astronaut

A podcast Oedipus and the Astronaut from The Stage.  "As they rehearse a new production of Oedipus, which opens at the Liverpool Playhouse this week, writer/director Steven Berkoff and leading actor Simon Merrells talk to Maria Hodson about working together again, Merrells having played Terry Malloy in Berkoff’s rendition of On the Waterfront at London’s Theatre Royal Haymarket".  Click on the image for the podcast.


The Passenger in London, UK

Antonioni's 1975 film with Steven Berkoff is at the Riverside Studios in London on 13 Jan 2012.  "David Locke (Jack Nicholson), a disillusioned television journalist covering current affairs in Africa, impulsively decides to exchange identities with an acquaintance he finds dead in a Saharan hotel room. A haunting, suspenseful and subtle study of psychological and spiritual disenchantment".




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