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An archive of the Hot News from 2002

Berkoff in New Statesman

"I don't know if I had time to tell you, but Steven went to Cape Town to finish filming Charlie (about Charlie Robertson, he played his dad) and then performed One Man for a week at the Baxter Theatre there - very successful run. He has written about his experiences in S. A. and it will be in the Christmas edition of the New Statesman (out mid December) complete with Steven's photos."  Thanks to Kari for the update.


Berkoff´s Women

Linda Marlowe

Berkoff´s Women continues touring.  With Linda Marlowe and highly recommended:

28-30 Nov 2002 at the Yvonne Artaud Theatre, Guildford, tel 01483- 44 0000
22 Mar 2003 at the Corn Exchange, Newbury.



Massage will be performed in Buxton, UK from 7-9 Nov 2002.  Its on at the Pauper's Pit, Old Hal Hotel, Buxton and is performed by the Corridor Theatre Company. Click here for more details



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George Dillon appears in his adaptation of Berkoff´s story Hell.  It on at The Met in Bury on 28 Nov 2002.  Click on the image for details.


Shakespeare's Villains and more Berkoff.  Berkoff´s highly recommended one-man show is continuing its tour.  Current dates include: Vicenza, Italy 11-12 Oct 2002, Florence, Italy 15-16 Oct 2002, Bologna, Italy 18 Oct 2002


Berkoff´s Women 11 Oct 2002 at the MAC Theatre, Birmingham


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East is on in Harlow, Essex, UK from 4-7 Sept 2002.  The actors are Philip Dale (Mike), Patrick Walker (Les), Stevie Doherty (Sylv), Paul Stephenson (Dad) and Charlie Fletcher (Mum) and the director is Michael Fentiman.

Its on at the Studio Theatre.  Click on the image for more details.



British Drama in the 90´s International Conference

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There is a major international conference at the University of the West of England.  It will concentrate on the 90´s In-Yer-Face dramatists.

One of the sessions, Influences and Precursors, includes Robert Cross of Doshisha University, Kyoto on The Influence of Steven Berkoff.

Its on from 5-6 Sept 2002 at the UWE in Bristol, UK.  Click on the image for more details.  Thanks to Graham and Suzy for the information.

Santa Barbara, USA 26 Aug 2002. The Santa Barbara date coincides with a teaching residency at the University of California, Santa Barbara.


Edinburgh Festival
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Requiem for Ground Zero

Another Berkoff premiere at the Edinburgh Festival.  He performs his long poem Requiem for Ground Zero about the 11 September attacks.

After the performance Berkoff will be signing copies of the poem.

Its on in The Assembly Rooms from 16-26 Aug 2002.  Click on the image for more details.

Zack Simons in Harrys Christmas Harry's Christmas

Harry's Christmas will be at the Edinburgh Festival this year.   It will be in the Garage Studio Theatre from 12-26 Aug 2002.  Zack Simons plays Harry.

Click on the image for details.

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Les Enfants Terrible take their West from its successful run in London to the Edinburgh Festival.

Its on at the Assembly Rooms to 25 Aug 2002.  Click on the image for details.


LunchLunch is on at the Live Theatre, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK on 24 July 2002.  The Box Office phone number is 0191 232 1232.


West is on in London from 3-20 Jul 2002.  The company are Les Enfants Terrible. Its on at The Space, 269 West Ferry Road, Isle of Dogs, London.  For details phone London 020 7515 7799. Click here for The Space web site.


East will be performed between 13 and 29 June in London.  It is performed by the Charles Cryer Theatre Company.  Performances are at the Charles Cryer Theatre Studio, 39 High St, Carshalton, London tel 020 8770 4950. (29 Jun 2002)


Berkoff´s Women in Dukes Theatre, Lancaster (16 May 2002) and St Helier, Channel Islands (28 Jun 2002), Nodren Farm Centre for the Arts, Berks (5 Jul 2002)


Kvetch (Schlemiel).  Kvetch will be performed in Dutch as Schlemiel by Het Groote Hoofd.  It is touring The Netherlands and dates so far are:

27 Feb 2002 in Amersfoort 2 Mar in Amstelveen 5-9 Mar 2002 in Amsterdam
12 Mar in Roermond 13 Mar in Heiloo 15 Mar Den Bosch
16 Mar in Wadway 13 Mar in Spanbroek 19 Mar in Leeuwarden
20 Mar in Valkenswaard 20 Mar in Heerlen 23 Mar in Heemskerk
29-30 Mar in Utrecht 2 Apr in Apeldoorn 3 Apr in Gouda
4 Apr in Helmond 6 Apr in Dordrecht 11 Apr in Barendrecht
12 Apr in Alkmaar 13 Apr in Purmerend 16 Apr in Hoofddorp
17 Apr in Den Haag 18 Apr in Breda 19 Apr in Zaandam
20 Apr in Culemborg 25 Apr in Drachten 1 May in Maastricht
2 May in Zoetermeer 3 May in Groningen  


AgamemnonA rare chance to see Berkoff´s version of Agamemnon. It will be performed by the Liskeard Drama Group in Cornwall, UK.  This is an amateur group and their Agamemnon can be seen on 23, 27 Apr (Liskeard Public Hall), 24 Apr (Launceston College), 25 Apr (Plymouth High School for Girls) and  26 Apr (Bodmin College).


click for link Kvetch on 20-23 March in London.  It is performed by the Wanstead Players at the Kenneth More Theatre, London (Mar 2002)


click for link Berkoff in One Man in NY. Steven Berkoff performs One Man, consisting of The Tell-Tale Heart, Actor and Dog.  Its on at the Bleecker 45 theater. It runs until 11 Mar 2002 (with a possible extension), playing at 8 PM Wed through Sat, and 3 PM on Sundays. Click on the image for details. Thanks to Kari for the information. (Mar 2002)


Berkoff´s Women in London (Feb 2002) and Winchester (March 2002) and Lancaster (Mar 2002)



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