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An archive of the Hot News from 2000 and 2001

The Messiah is touring Britain. The remaining dates (so far announced) are
6-10 Nov 2001 Old Vic, Bristol. Click here for details.
13-17 Nov 2001 Theatre Royal, Glasgow. Click here for details.
19-21 Nov 2001 Palace Theatre (Dixon Studio), Westcliff tel UK 01702 342 564
22-24 Nov 2001 Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry. Click here for details


Lunch. Linda Marlowe is directing Lunch at the Kings Head, Islington in London. It opens on 15 Nov 2001 and is, of course, a lunchtime production. Thanks to Gareth for the information. (Nov 2001)

Dahling You Were Marvellous

Dahling You Were Marvellous in Cambridge. Its by the ADC Theatre at the Cambridge Arts Theatre from 14-17 Nov.

Berkoff´s Women in Wycombe and Great Torrington, Devon (Oct 2001)

The Messiah in London and Poole (Oct 2001)


Lunch (in Dutch) in Amsterdam at the Ostadetheater. Its by Theatergroep Palingrot with Margot van der Lee and David Vos, directed by Eva Bauknecht. "Lunch is een locatievoorstelling die zich afspeelt in een café annex lunchroom. Het is een herkenbaar hedendaags liefdesverhaal, die begint met een vluchtige ontmoeting tussen een man en een vrouw, in een café, op zomaar een lentedag. Tussen hen ontstaat een grimmig spel van aantrekken en afstoten. Een voorstelling over lust, passie en geweld, die zich het best laat omschrijven al een literaire paringsdans." (Oct 2001)



The Messiah in Belgrade, part of the BITEF International Theatre Festival, Serbia, Yugoslavia


The Messiah in Zagreb, Croatia (Sept 2001)

The Messiah in Oxford (Sept 2001)

the Edinburgh Festival with Dahling, Ophelia, East, Berkoff´s Women, Graft, Hell (Aug 2001)

Ophelia and Berkoff performing Shakespeare´s Villains in Elsinore (Aug 2001)

A 5 day workshop on Decadence in Utrecht (Aug 2001)


The Secret Love Life of Ophelia

The premiere of The Secret Love Life of Ophelia in London (July 2001)

Metamorphosis in London (July 2001)

West in Brighton (June 2001)


Linda Marlowe

Linda Marlowe´s Berkoff´s Women in Brussels and Corsham (June 2001)

Steven Berkoff Ritual in Blood

The world premiere of Ritual in Blood in Nottingham. Details are here and here (June 2001)

Steven Berkoff Kvetch

Kvetch, a fringe London performance (June 2001)

Lunch in the London fringe, along with Tennessee Williams (June 2001)

Berkoff playing Shakespeare´s Villains in Salisbury (June 2001)

Massage at the Hayman Theatre, Curtin University, Perth Western Australia (May 2001)

Linda Marlowe´s Berkoff´s Women in Wolverhampton, Salisbury and Bolton (May 2001)

Unique double bill of Greek and Oedipus at Melton College (May 2001)


Steven Berkoff Kvetch

Kvetch in French in Paris. Details here (April 2001)


Steven Berkoff Kvetch

Kvetch: Sesso Segreti e bugie in Milan

Berkoff´s Women in London

Berkoff performing Shakespeare´s Villains in New York

The premiere of The Bow of Ulysses and Lunch in London (Feb 2001)

Berkoff appears as the King of the Huns in the Atilla mini-series

Greek in London

The Trial in Maidenhead

Berkoff´s Women in Amsterdam

Metamorphosis is Cambridge and Norwich (Jan 2001)

The Fall of the House of Usher throughout Britain

Berkoff´s Loners (Dog, Actor, Harry´s Christmas) with Stuart Robb in London
Greek in London on the fringe
Berkoff´s Women in Liverpool at the Unity Theatre
Berkoff at the Edinburgh Festival with Messiah, Graft and The Trial
a workshop on Greek in Rotterdam
Berkoff performing Dog and Tell-Tale Heart in London


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