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Berkoff new play Harvey.  A DVD of Six Actors in Search of a Director.

Please pass on details of any performances etc click here.  Last update 18 Feb 2019.

Harvey: Berkoff 's work in progress

Berkoff Harvey 

Berkoff writes, directs and performed Harvey, his new play being performed as a work in progress.  It is on at the Playground Theatre, London from 12-19 Feb 2019.

Berkoff plays Harvey Weinstein reflecting on the situation he is in.  The production is highly recommended.

Click on the image for more details.


DVD of Six Actors in Search of a Director

Berkoff Six Actors in Search of a Director 

There is now a DVD of a live performance of Berkoff's play Six Actors in Search of a Director, with Berkoff directing but not acting.


Too late- you missed it


Eenzame begeerte (Lunch en De boog van Ulysses) on tour in The Netherlands

Berkoff Eenzame Begeerte 

Toneelgroep Suburbia present Eenzame Begeerte based on Lunch and The Bow of Ulysses in a Dutch tour from 23 Nov 2017- 25 Jan 2018.

"De broeierige eerste ontmoeting op het strand tussen een jonge man en een vrouw, Thomas en Marie. Twee hunkerende lichamen wanhopig op zoek naar iemand om wat warmte van te stelen.En dan, twintig jaar later en duizenden verwijten verder, leven ze een giftig huwelijk.

Eenzame begeerte wordt gespeeld door Lotje van Lunteren en Stefan Rokebrand. De twee acteurs speelden eerder met elkaar bij Suburbia in Ploegen.

Het regietalent Olivier Diepenhorst regisseert Eenzame begeerte. De voorstelling is gebaseerd op een tweeluik (Lunch en De boog van Ulysses) van Steven Berkoff".

Click on the image for more details.


Sod the Bitches!

 Berkoff novel Sod the Bitches!

Berkoff's first novel Sod the Bitches!

"In this way I was able to come home, to smile, to be relieved and even happy - until the bitter, incessant nag in the groin came again, and I lay there in torment next to a body I couldn't begin to touch, couldn't begin to go near. And we both lay there under the thundering darkness waiting for sleep, waiting to be carried to another domain where the sirens and the nymphs touch and caress you in sweet dreams." John is an actor. He is a man. A man who wants. A man who needs. A man who takes. And he takes from those who always expect him to give. To give them love, loyalty, affection - to give them his soul, his loyalty, his life. Why can't they just let him thrive? Why can't they understand the desires and passions that drive him? Why is he a man alone? John has crossed the line from performance to reality, from stage to street, from imagination to visceral breath - and he needs to wrest control before all is lost. Challenging themes that haunt the Berkoff canon are ever-present in this startling novel of sex, class, dislocation, and the desperation to want and be wanted in a thankless and unyielding world. This is a powerful, divisive and brutally honest novel that will inspire, enrage and provoke - and live on long after the final word.."

Click on the image to buy the book.


The Frankenstein Chronicles

 Berkoff is to appear in The Frankenstein Chronicles playing William Blake.


  Berkoff and fishlove


Fishlove was set up to raise awareness of the unsustainable fishing practices that are destroying the earth's marine ecosystem.  Berkoff lends support to the campaign.  Click on the link to go to the charity.


One Act Plays


19 pieces by Berkoff published for the first time, including Biblical Tales and Six Actors in Search of a Director.

"Themes that haunt most of his work are present: his luxurious verbosity; his counterpoint of crude street patter and elegiac proclamation; sex wars; class wars; dislocation and abandonment of love in a thankless and unyielding world."



Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

One of Steven Berkoff's recent major films is RED2 with Bruce Willis.


He is currently working on a number of films.

Site updates

Updates to Doctor Who- Power of Three here.  12 June 2016


Too late- you missed it

Dahling You Were Marvellous in Edinburgh, Scotland

Dahling You Were Marvellous 

"Set in the venue's bar, immerse yourself in Berkoff's biting parody of the world of theatre which pokes fun at the pretensions of thespians and the superficial nature of their lifestyle. Performers: they float in an ether of seriousness that they believe wafts from their every utterance – Oh! Dahling you were fab-u-lass! Plus, a free drink glass of Prosecco or juice on arrival".

Performed by Les Siege of Herons on 12 Aug 2017.  Click on the image for more details.



The Trial in Edinburgh, Scotland

The Trial Berkoff 

"The students of Wellington College are performing the renowned adaptation of Franz Kafka by Steven Berkoff, The Trial. This dynamic, invigorating performance of The Trial promises to offer its audiences a nonstop audiovisual feast as the young performers bring you an innovative style of performance.The 11-member cast of Mark Lawrence, Lucy Webb, Max Williams, Marina Evans, Grace Gifford, George Mulville, Jemima Sunley, Katherine Grigg, Rose Rooney, Anna Power and Miles Russel Stacey collaborate together as an ensemble, physically delivering the narrative with slick execution. This play is most definitely an outstanding display of emerging thespians.".

It is on from 21- 26 Aug 2017.  Click on the image for more details.

Eat Dollink in London, UK

Eat Dollink Steven Berkoff 

"There is nothing in the world as satisfying, edible, exotic and all-embracing as an American Deli.
The few delis that sprouted in London were worthy, but poor facsimiles. Having spent time in Los Angeles, I’d often visit some of these amazing institutions after a hard day’s work. I’d plonk myself into one of their generous banquet seats, and then I was safe. You could never really be lonely in an American Deli. It’s a sanctuary. Once a bowl of steaming hot chicken soup was put in front of you, the ills and stresses of the world gradually dissolved.

So one day I decided I wanted to pay a tribute to one of my favourite delis, ‘Canters’ in West Hollywood. I’ve been going there on and off for over thirty years and each time I return, I am glad to note that it still hasn’t changed, like it’s there forever. It’s also 24 hours and so it is always open, except maybe for one day a year.

This is my first attempt at documentary and I have put my soul into it. I suppose that’s why we call it Soul Food.

It is on at the Genesis Cinema in London on 24 Jan 2017. and also includes a Q&A with Berkoff.

lick on the image for more details.


The Hairy Ape directd by Berkoff in Los Angeles, USA

Berkoff The Hairy Ape

Berkoff directs Eugene O'Neill's The Hairy Ape at the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles.  It is on from 14 May- 27 July 2016.  Rge actors are Hailé D’Alan, Benjamin Davies, Katy Davis, Dennis Gersten, Joseph Gilbert, Jeremiah O’Brian, Andres Paul Ramacho, Anthony Rutowicz, Paul Stanko and Jennifer Taub.

"Berkoff carves and edits the scenes down, all to the benefit of the production. His cast is wonderfully in sync to Berkoff’s intent, especially D’Alan whose performance and physical presence harkens back to the 1930s production when Paul Robeson became the first African-American to play the title role.  Gersten manages to corral the thorny role of Paddy with flair and Jeremiah O’Brian handles the tricky challenge of “the ape” with simian dexterity as well.  The rest of the ensemble Benjamin Davies, Katy Davis, Joseph Gilbert, Andres Paul Ramacho, Anthony Rutowicz, Paul Stanko and Jennifer  Taub skillfully convey to the stage all the extreme demands Berkoff puts on them.  The play works and works well, because Berkoff casts off everything except what is essential." (Ernest Kearney in www.thetvolution.com 25 May 2016.

lick on the image for more details.

Edinburgh Festival: The Berkovian Medea

The Berkovian Medea 

The Berkovian Medea is on at the Edinburgh Festival from 22-27 Aug 2016.  It is on at the Greenside venue in Nicholson Square (Venue 209).

lick on the image for more details.


Edinburgh Festival: The Tell-Tale Heart

The Tell-Tale Heart

Sherborne Young People's Theatre present The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe.  It is in C nova 145 from 16- 22 Aug 2015.

"The Tell-Tale Heart New and dynamic reworking of The Tell-Tale Heart, bringing out the full spine-chilling dread of Poe's masterpiece. A dark and intensely atmospheric production combining physical theatre with gothic horror. Influenced by Berkoff, Frantic Assembly and DV8 to produce a tightly choreographed stream of images and dramatic scenes which take the audience on a fast flowing rollercoaster ride through one of the greatest tales in the gothic canon. This gripping tale of murder in the dark will leave you terrified of what might go bump in the night."

lick on the image for more details.


Edinburgh Festival: The Tell-Tale Heart

Dinner with Sadam

Berkoff is to play Saddam Hussein in the premiere of Anthony Horowitz’s political satire, Dinner with Saddam, which looks at the circumstances around the 2003 invasion of Iraq through the lens of comedy.

It is at the Menier Chocolate Factory in London from 11 Sept to 14 Nov 2015.  Click on the image for more details.



Greek in Brighton, UK

 Berkoff Greek - click for more details

Brighton Little Theatre present Greek from 25- 30 May 2015. The director is Mike Wells.

"Steven Berkoff’s Greek is Sophocles’ great tragedy of incest, patricide, plague and mutilation, re-imagined in Thatcher’s Britain not in ancient Thebes. The language is poetic but filthy. The dialogue veers into unmentionable subjects; characters swear, strip, have sex, humiliate each other and become suddenly and spectacularly violent. Not for the faint-hearted but a cathartic, visceral and moving piece of theatre. and true to the shocking and intense drama of the original Oedipus Rex. "

Click on the image for more details.


Sod the Bitches! talk and book launch in Oxford, UK

Berkoff launches Sod the Bitches! in Blackwell's Oxford on 4 May 2015.  He will be talking to Victor Glynn.



 Revenge with Steven Berkoff, David Soul, Amanda Donohoe - click for link

The Arts Club, London present Steven Berkoff, David Soul and Amanda Donohoe in Revenge on 27 Apr 2015.

"powerfully woven tales of power, seduction and revenge culled from the finest contemporary literature".

Click on the image for more details.

The Trial in Durham, UK

The Trial - click for link

3DTC present The Trial at The Assembly Rooms, Durham from 11- 13 Mar 2015.

"Can you imagine being accused of arrested without reason? Helpfully you are offered a ‘fair trial’. The catch? Josef K does not know what he’s been accused of... Berkoff’s masterful adaptation of Kafka’s timeless novel which follows K’s futile attempts to acquit himself leading to a number of encounters with absurd, seductive and enigmatic characters who sum up the impossibly baffling world he finds himself in."

Click on the image for more details.




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