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Last update 15 June 2024

Steve Berkoff reading Byron's Don Juan

Steven Berkoff - Don Juan - Byron 

Steven Berkoff will read from Lord Byron’s poem Don Juan. This will be with music from the Romantic period (and complimentary prosecco!).

The music includes Harold in Italy by Berlioz, inspired by Byron’s poetry.  George White will perform on viola with Elena Toponogova on piano.

“The South Downs Poetry Festival is delighted to link up with the Keats-Shelley Memorial Association to celebrate the bicentenary of Lord Byron’s death. Admired and reviled in his own time, Byron is now recognised as one of the great Romantic poets”.

This is part of the Festival of Chichester on 9 July 2024.  Details are on the Festival website click here.

For more on Steven Berkoff click here.

Steve Berkoff in conversation in London

Steven Berkoff in conversatiom 

Steven Berkoff is in conversation with Matthew Stadlen at the Greenwich Theatre in London on 13 May 2024.

Details are on the Greenwich Theatre website here.

For more on Steven Berkoff click here.

Steven Berkoff as Polonius in Hamlet ; UPDATE

Steven Berkoff as Polonius in Hamlet 

Steven Berkoff plays Polonius, the father of Ophelia, in the film of Hamlet.  Ian McKellen plays Hamlet and the film is directed by Seam Mathias.  The film is based on the theatre staging of the play which Berkoff dropped out of.


The film is in cinemas in the UK from 27 February 2024. There is also a filmed Q&A with Ian McKellen and Director Sean Mathias.

"A tale of revenge that has stood the test of time, Shakespeare’s classic tragedy is reimagined for the modern day as a gripping psychological thriller! Transcending the confines of the stage in a uniquely modern take, the film utilises nearly every room of the Theatre Royal Windsor to transform it into the immortal Elsinore Castle, from basement dungeon to roof-top battlement.

Ian McKellen - reprising his lead role as Hamlet, a man who descends into madness as he seeks vengeance against his uncle for the apparent murder of his father - leads a stellar cast with stage and screen legend, Steven Berkoff, and stars of the critically acclaimed, recent stage cast of ‘Hamlet’: Frances Barber (King Lear, Chekhov’s The Seagull), Jonathan Hyde (King Lear, Titanic, Crimson Peak), Jenny Seagrove and BAFTA-winner Francesca Annis, bringing their iconic roles to life in this compelling new film adaptation".

Steven Berkoff on BBC Shakespeare Celebration


The BBC are celebrating 400 years since Shakespeare's Folio edition (the collected works) was published.  There will be events on television, radio and online.  One television programme they will be including is the film of Hamlet at Elsinore, with Christopher Plummer as Hamlet, Robert Shaw as Claudius, Michael Caine as Horatio and Donald Sutherland as Fortinbras. Steven Berkoff is the player king and shows with mime how you turn a small role into something memorable.  More details when available.

For more on Hamlet in Elsinore click here.

Steven Berkoff's Corpse

Steven Berkoff's Corpse 

Steven Berkoff's Corpse, an audio digital download.  More details soon.

You can download from the stevenberkoff website here.

Too late, you missed it


Metamorphosis in Saskatchewan, Canada

Steven Berkoff - Metamorphosis - Saskatchewan 

Greystone Theatre present Steven Berkoff's Metamorphosis from 20- 23 March 2024. It is on at the Emrys Jones Theatre, John Mitchell Building, University of Saskatchewan.

The director is Natasha Martina and the cast are Jonny MacPherson (Mr. Samsa ), Gillian Garvie (Mrs. Samsa ), Piper Nordell (Gregor), Emily Pitters (Greta ), Siyam Hassan (Clerk) and Kaeleigh Folk (Lodger).

"Metamorphosis highlights many themes including: identity; desire to revolt but constrained by familial duties; gender roles; mental health; and transformation. What really intrigued me about this play was the central premise associated with how one’s job defines who they are; or stated in the form of a question, is there more to life than our profession? Transformation is a part of life’s natural course; but at issue here is the degree to which one can consciously choose their own path as opposed to being forced – day in, and day out – to do something, anything, merely to survive".

More details are on the university site click here.

For more on Metamorphosis click here.



An Afternoon with Steven Berkoff, UK

Steven Berkoff

An Afternoon with Steven Berkoff at Beccles Public Hall And Theatre, in Beccles, Suffolk on 18 February 2024.

Tickets are available from Beccles site click here.



Lovelock Hostage Bridge

The 'Lovelock Hostage Bridge', will feature thousands of padlocks autographed by well-known figures, symbolising solidarity with those still held captive by Hamas. The opening, taking place at London's Jewish Community Centre, JW3, in Finchley Road, Hampstead, UK on 11 February 2024 at 11.30am.

Steven Berkoff as well as Maureen Lipman, Simon Schama, Martin Sorrell, Howard Jacobson, Simon Sebag Montefiore and Luciana Berger will be attaching their signed padlocks to the bridge.

Details are from the Ham and High website click here.



Under the Cherry Moon in New York

Prince - Under the Cherry Moon

The Museum of the Moving Image in New York present Under the Cherry Moon on 10, 11 Feb 2024.

Prince stars and directs. His love interest is Kristin Scott Thomas, her first film, and Berkoff plays her father.

For more on the film click here (bottom of page)



The Trial in Gibraltar

Gibraltar College BTEC Acting presents The Trial (An Extract) on 15 March 2024. It is part of the 67th Gibraltar International Drama Festival 2024.
For the festival website click here.

For more on The Trial click here.


Dog/Actor in Norway

Steven Berkoff- Dog - Actor - Stephen Smith 

Two Steven Berkoff one-man plays, Dog and Actor, are performed at Teateret, Kristiansandin Norway on 8 Sept 2023.

Directed and Performed by Stephen Smith.  Dramaturgical Support from Michael Blundell-Lithco and Scott Le Crass.  Sound Design by Stephen Smith and Paul Richardson.

"Ikke gå glipp av denne spennende teateropplevelsen! Kanon Produksjon samarbeider med Threedumb Theatre på tvers av landegrenser for å bringe denne enestående oppsetningen til Norge for første gang. Engelske Stephen Smith står alene på scenen og presenterer DOG/ACTOR uten bruk av scenografi eller rekvisitter. Stykkene blir fremført rett etter hverandre og gir publikum en mesterklasse i fysisk teater og komisk historiefortelling.  Det første stykket, DOG, følger en dag i livet til en rasistisk fotballhooligan og hans elskede pitbull terrier, Roy, som forandrer livet hans. Det andre stykket, ACTOR, er en spoken-word monolog som dykker inn i skuespillerbransjen og på humoristisk og gripende måte skildrer det prøvende livet til en artist som sliter."

For more details click on the theatre website here .

Dog/Actor in Bedford, UK

Steven Berkoff- Dog - Actor - Stephen Smith

Two Steven Berkoff one-man plays, Dog and Actor, are performed at the Quarry Theatre in Bradford, UK on 21 Sept 2023.  This follows a performance in Norway.  It is a Threedumb Theatre production.

Directed and Performed by Stephen Smith.  Dramaturgical Support from Michael Blundell-Lithco and Scott Le Crass.  Sound Design by Stephen Smith and Paul Richardson.

"Two explosive and comedic short plays written by Steven Berkoff, performed back-to-back by the same one actor.  The first play: DOG follows a day in the life of a racist football hooligan and his beloved pitbull terrier, Roy, who changes his life. The second play: ACTOR is a spoken word monologue which delves into the heart of the acting industry, humorously and poignantly portraying the trying life of a struggling artist. 
Without the use of any set or props, DOG/ACTOR presents a masterclass in physical theatre and comedic storytelling, promising a thrilling theatrical experience."

For more details click on the Quarry website here.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Rooney Mara - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 

Updates to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the 2011 remake of a Swedish film and Stieg Larsson's novel by David Fincher with Daniel Craig (taking time off from James Bond) and Rooney Mara.  Journalist, Mikael Blomkvist (Daniel Craig) and computer hacker Lisbeth Salander (Rooney Mara) investigate a disappearance years ago. A classy thriller which becomes darker as the film progresses.

Steven Berkoff - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Steven Berkoff plays Dirch  Frode, an intermediary who introduces Blomkvist to the wealthy Henrik Vanger.  A professional supporting role carried out convincingly.

Click here (near bottom of page).

Uncertain Kingdom: added

Steven Berkoff - The Uncertain Kingdom - Ernie 

The compilation film Uncertain Kingdom.  Steven Berkoff appears in early scenes.  Click here.

Creation Stories added

Steven Berkoff - Creation Stories - blue 

Creation Stories from 2021, directed by Nick Moran.  The story of Alan McGee and Creation Records, the independent label of Jesus and the Mary Chain, Primal Scream, Oasis and many others.  Click here.

Updates to A Season of Giants

Steven Berkoff - A Season of Giants - Leonardo da Vinci wings flying 

The page on television mini-series A Season of Giants is updated.  Steven Berkoff plays Savonarola, a role he would reprise in The Borgias.

Above Leonardo da Vinci tries manned flight.

The update is here.

Updates to Strippers vs Werewolves

Steven Berkoff - Strippers vs Werewolves - title

The section on the film Strippers vs Werewolves has been updated.

"It does not end well for Berkoff, he appears after six minutes and thankfully after nine he is dead - was it the strippers or the werewolves? Do we care?  Not the best three minutes of his acting career".

The details are here.

The Prizefighter on Amazon Prime

Steven Berkoff - The Prizefighter 

Steven Berkoff has a supporting role in The Prizefighter, released on Amazon Prime from 22 Jul 2022.  Russell Crowe and Matt Hookings take the lead roles.

"In 1800 Jem Belcher became the youngest ever world boxing champion. Belcher, played by Matt Hookings, dominated his early fights with his unique skill, speed, and scientific approach and soon became Champion of England, a natural talent oozing with charm, style, and grace. After a life-changing accident risked ending his career forever, he begins a long, grueling road to recovery which eventually sees him compete in a death-defying standoff – known only as The Forgotten Fight of the Century – to reclaim his title once and for all as England’s youngest boxing champion".

Steven Berkoff - The Prizefighter

Steven Berkoff on Putin and Brecht

Steven on recent events in Ukraine.

As Russian leader Vladimir Putin appears to be playing from the Hitler playbook one cannot be more acutely aware of such ‘gangster’ politics than Bertolt Brecht in his formidable play ‘The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui’, 1941, when in the final lines he writes;

“If only we could act instead of talking,
We wouldn’t always end up on our arse…..
Don’t yet rejoice in his defeat you men
Although the world stood up and stopped the bastard
The bitch that brought him is in heat again!”

It is on facebook here.

A message from Steven Berkoff on the anniversary of 9/11

Steven Berkoff Poems for the Working Class

Steven has recorded a message ahead of the 20th anniversary of 9/11, and he reads a short extract from his poem Requiem for Ground Zero.  It is on facebook here.

Brighton, film adaptation of Brighton Beach Scumbags

Brighton is based on Brighton Beach Scumbags but updated to 2005.  The actors are Larry Lamb (playing Derek),  Phil Davis (Dave). Lesley Sharp (Doreen) and Marion Bailey (Dinah).  The director is Stephen Cookson who also directed other Berkoff work- Tell Tale Heart, Heroes and Villains and They Shall Not Pass.

Steven Berkoff Brighton film

Steven Berkoff Brighton film

Steven Berkoff Brighton film

It is released on digital channels (not sure which).  Images from the trailer.


Get your own personalised video from Steven

Steven Berkoff message 

You can get Steven to record a personalised message for you.  Details are  here.

DVD of Six Actors in Search of a Director

Berkoff Six Actors in Search of a Director 

There is now a DVD of a live performance of Berkoff's play Six Actors in Search of a Director, with Berkoff directing but not acting.

Films and television

The Vikings

Recent work by Berkoff in films and television include the television series The Vikings.

East in Salford UK

Steven Berkoff - East - Salford Kings Arms 

Steven Berkoff's East is performed in the Kings Arms Theatre, Salford on 19 Jul 2023.

"Ever wondered what Shakespeare would have written had he grown up in the smingy East End of London in the early 1970’s? EAST shows us that world through the eyes of an everyday family infested with a heady culture of rage, regret and lust in a world of pleasure palaces, casual racism, gin, Crossroads and ultraviolence".

The actors are Roisin McCusker (Sylv), Adam Gardiner (Mike), Taran Knight (Les), Dale S Vicker (Mum) and Luke Richards (Dad).  The director is Liam Grunshaw and the producer is Gareth Kavanagh.  It is a ROOM 5064 and SILENT JUDGE production.

For more details see the Kings Arms site click here.

Metamorphosis n Coventry, UK

National Drama Festival

Steven Berkoff's Metamorphosis is part of the 2013 National Drama Festival at the Albany Theatre, Coventry.  The play, an adaptation of Kafka, is performed by the Woking College Theatre Company on 21 July 2023.  Tickets and links are on the Albany website click here.

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