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The Road to Mecca on film and sone good audio works by L.A. Theatre Works.


Athol Fugard Playland 1997 Playland

An L.A. Theatre Works audio cassette of a live performance by the Steppenwolf Theatre Company with Lou Ferguson and Francis Guinan, directed by Nan Withers-Wilson.  A good audio version, with the humour coming over.



1997 The Art of Influence

A documentary by Deborah Dickson and Roberto Guerra.  Various people discuss the influences on their work, with Fugard talking about the influence on him by Bertolt Brecht.



Fugard The Road to Mecca 1996 The Road to Mecca

An audio cassette of Julie Harris, Amy Irving and Harris Yulin recorded by the L.A. Theatre Works in 1996. The director was Steve Albrezzi. A good audio version.



1993 In Darkest Hollywood (Cinema and Apartheid)

A documentary about the way cinema in Hollywood and South Africa has handled apartheid.  Fugard does not appear, there is a photo of him from Boesman and Lena, as well as excerpts from the film. Ross Devenish gives a very good description of the influence Fugard had on him.  The film also heavily criticises Attenborough's Cry Freedom, with the white character dominating the film, contrasted with Euzhan Palcy´s Cry Freedom. Zakes Mokae gives a good assessment of what is was like living under apartheid.



1992 The Road to Mecca

Fugard and Peter Goldsmid share directing credits. Fugard also stars along with Kathy Bates and Yvonne Bryceland.  The films is chronological so unlike the play starts with the funeral of the old woman's husband and her estrangement with the church. The effect is to remove a lot of the suspense and mystery of the play.  Similarly it is filmed in the original location, but this removes the stage beauty of the play, and the owls and animals end up looking like bad ornaments.

Athol Fugard in The Road to Mecca



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