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Master Harold with Matthew Broderick and Fugard acting in The Killing Fields and Gandhi.


One Life to Live 1988 One Life to Live

Fugard has a guest role in the American TV drama. "Athol played Cornelius Blackwell (Ursula Blackwell's father - the mad woman who kidnapped Tina), a lighthouse keeper. When Ursula kidnapped Tina she brought her to his lighthouse and when she started running out of time because the police were on their way she pushed Tina through the window which caused Tina to be thrown on Cornelius and together they fell from the window. Tina fell on Cornelius and survived (She lost the baby she was carrying though) but Cornelius died from this fall".   Thanks to Ido for the information. Click here for Ido´s OLTL site

One Life to Live

Fugard in a wheelchair as the father



Athol Fugard Blood Knot 1986 Blood Knot

Zakes Mokae and Athol Fugard in this audio cassette/CD of the play. Fugard directs this 25th anniversary production at Yale Repertory Theatre and Broadway's Golden Gate Theatre.  Highly recommended.  Fugard says "Zakes and I returned to Blood Knot last year with a real measure of apprehension and anxiety. Would the play stand the test of time... both as a theatrical and political event?... the response of the audiences and critics was overwhelming and also made this Blood Knot one of the most deeply satisfying experiences in my career in theatre".

Blood Knot with Athol Fugard and Zakes Mokae



Zakes Mokae Master Harold .. and the Boys 1985 Master Harold...and the Boys

A television version of the play with the young Matthew Broderick acting opposite John Kani and Zakes Mokae. Michael Lindsay-Hogg directs. A reasonably good production.  The film was remade in 2010.

Zakes Mokae and Matthew Broderick in Master Harold   Zakes Mokae and John Kani in Master Harold



The Killing Fields 1984 The Killing Fields

A true story set during the Khmer Rouge dictatorship of Cambodia. Directed by Roland Joffé, his first cinema film.  The first half of the film shows the events leading to the Khmer Rouge victory, and the forced exodus of the entire population from the cities.  There is a short interlude in the embassy, as people with the relative protection of their passports try to help Dith Pran to escape. Fugard plays a small role in these scenes.  When the attempts fail Dith Pran has to be surrendered and the second half of the film deals with the horrors inflicted by the Khmer Rouge.

Fugard in The Killing Fields   Fugard in The Killing Fields

Fugard in The Killing Fields



Gandhi 1982 Gandhi

Richard Attenborough’s film with Fugard playing Jan Christian Smuts, who dismisses the passport burning of Gandhi in South Africa.   A good commercial epic, though just as in Cry Freedom (in which Zakes Mokae appears), Attenborough introduces the white perspective as a dominating influence.

Athol Fugard acting in Gandhi+



1982 Fugard´s People

A documentary by Helena Nogueira with interviews and rehearsals. Includes Fugard, Sheila Fugard and Yvonne Bryceland.


1981 Sizwe Bansi is dead

A second version of the play with John Kani and Winston Ntshona.  Directed by Merrill Brockway CBS.



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