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Ken Russell Difficult Quiz


Quiz yourself on Ken's films, his actors, his television etc.

The difficult quiz: the blue boxes give the answers (place cursor above box, don´t click just hold it there. This doesn´t work for everyone, so you can also click here for the answers)


Which film has the then unknown Donald Sutherland in a one-line role

Billion Dollar Brain.  He plays the computer operator, though he may also have been the computer voice

In which film does Ken act the role of a director


Which two actors in Ken's films became Members of Parliament

Glenda Jackson and Andrew Faulds, both for Labour

Which two dancers have regularly acted in Russell's films

Lindsay Kemp (Corky in Savage Messiah etc) and Christopher Gable (Fenby in Song of Summer etc)

Which film includes a scene with a cinema showing The Lair of the White Worm


Which film about a musician, which never went ahead, would have starred Neil Diamond


What name does Ken use when he acts as his own cameraman

Alf Russell or Alfred Russell

What is the title of the Monty Python's satire/homage sketch

Ken Russell´s Gardening Club

Pamela Anderson acts in which film

Crimes of Passion

What are Ken's acting roles in cinema films not directed by himself

A spy in The Russia House opposite Sean Connery, and Colour me Kubrick

One of Ken's sons edited some of his later work. What is his name

Xavier Russell

Which two subjects of Russell documentaries went on to act in other television films by Ken

Pop Goes the Easel is about four painters, including Derek Boshier who would later act in Dante´s Inferno playing Millais.  James Lloyd the painter was the subject of a documentary, and later appeared in Always on a Sunday

Which actor appeared in the stage version of The Devils long before appearing in the film

Max Adrian

Which film is shot in real time
(so the events on the screen happen in the same time as the film is shown)

Salome´s Last Dance

What is Ken's most autobiographical film

Savage Messiah.  Ken was Gaudier´s age when he read the biography

What is the name of Ken's dog

Nipper.  He appears in Folk Songs etc

Which films include homages to Eisenstein, to Visconti and to Lang

Billion Dollar Brain and the ice on the lake scene, Lisztomania and the pram, Mahler and Death in Venice, Lair of the White Worm and cutting the worm during the dance

Who composed the music for Lisztomania, and who composed the music for The Devils

pop star Rick Wakeman and classical composer Peter Maxwell Davies

Ken has twice directed about Kurt Weill and Lotte Lenya. Which two occasions

A BBC documentary and a stage play

Which film was shot in Israel and which was partly shot in Finland

Mindbender and Billion Dollar Brain

In which film does Ken's then wife provide the translation from French

Salome´s Last Dance. Oscar Wilde´s play was written in French, Vivian Russell translates it for the film

Who did the scenery for The Devils and Savage Messiah

Derek Jarman who went on to become a film director

Who stars and plays the music in The Fall of the Louse of Usher

James Johnson of Gallon Drunk

Which television film starts with Laurel and Hardy

Song of Summer.  Eric Fenby plays piano in in the cinema (but this scene is excluded on the re-release)



1-10 you are a reasonably normal person
11-15 you are desperate to see The Debussy Film
>15 you are a sad case and are probably trying to get a copy of
I Camcorder and the soundtrack to Mindbender :-)


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