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Ken Russell
Cold News 5


An archive of Ken Russell news.  Click news above for the latest updates.

Ken Russell photos in Rotterdam

The exhibition of work from Ken's career as a photographer has moved to Rotterdam.  The photos dated from 1955, before he went into films.

Ken Russell Teddy Girls- click for link

The were initially exhibited at The Spitz, London and are now at V!P's in Rotterdam from 20 Oct to 11 Dec 2005.  The 30 photos are superb.  Click on the image for details.  Highly recommended.

Voordat Ken Russell bekendheid verwierf als regisseur van onder andere Tommy, The Devils, Lisztomania en Women in Love werkte hij als freelance fotograaf voor het fotobureau Pictorial Press. Onlangs is gebleken dat de foto’s die Russell in 1955 van de Londense Teddy Girls maakte en die in datzelfde jaar in de Picture Post werden gepubliceerd, onderdeel zijn van een grotere verzameling Teddy Girl foto’s. Deze selectie van 30 foto’s, lumineuze portretten en groepsfoto’s, worden nu voor het eerst in Nederland getoond.


Asheville Festival: Tommy and lifetime award

For the third year running now, downtown Asheville will become a multiplex of independent movies next weekend.  On Friday night, 28 Oct 2005 during a cocktail party at Diana Wortham Theatre, the festival will present a 30th anniversary showing of Ken’s Tommy. At the Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa on Saturday night, the festival presents Russell with a Lifetime Achievement Award during the Spotlight Celebrations Award Dinner, when winners in each category will be announced.  Thanks to Alex and Steve for the information.


Imogen Claire dies

Sadly Imogen Claire has died.  She was a regular in Ken's films: The Music Lovers, Savage Messiah, Tommy, Lisztomania (as Georges Sand), Clouds of Glory, Salome, Lair and Prisoners of Honor.  Other work included Derek Jarman's Caravaggio and most famously The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Her career in films started in 1970 and she recently appeared in Billy Elliot.  She was also a theatre actress, for example in Pushkin's Queen of Spades at the Edinburgh Festival and Steven Berkoff's Salome.  A truly cult actress.

Imogen Claire


Oldenburg Festival and Hot Pants world premiere

The next Oldenburg Festival in Germany will honour Ken Russell showing a range of his films and television work.  Ken will also take part.  Its on from 7-11 Sept 2005.


Dance of the Seven Veils censored, Mahler in Rotterdam

A chance to see Dance of the Seven Veils, Ken's 1970 television film and rarely seen since.  Together with Mahler it is part of the yearly Rotterdam Gergiev classical musical festival.  Previous years of the festival included the equally rare Portrait of a Soviet Composer.  14 Sept 2005 in Rotterdam.  Click on the image for more details (in English).  WARNING: there is a possibility Seven Veils will be withdrawn due to the Strauss copyright holders withholding rights.

BAD NEWS: the film has definitely been withdrawn "By order of the heirs of Richard Strauss Ken Russell's film Dance of the Seven Veils no longer may be screened".

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Ken Russell photos, 1955

There was a rare opportunity to see work from Ken's career as a photographer, before he went into films.   The photos dated from 1955.  The were exhibited at The Spitz, London.  The exhibition was on from 18- 26 June 2005.  30 photos.  The photos were superb.  Click on the image for details.


Ken in South Cumbria- you have to be quick!!

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Russell was interviewed by artist, writer and co-editor of Untitled magazine Olivia Plender at Rusland Reading Room, near Ulverston. The interview, starting at 6.30pm, is being organised by Grizedale Arts in association with the Oxen Park Cinema Club.  Admission is £3 at the door with all the proceeds going to the Oxen Park Cinema Club.  Click on the image for details.  Thanks to Alex for the update.


An archive of Ken Russell news.  Click news below for the latest updates.


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