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Ken Russell
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An archive of Ken Russell news.  Click news above for the latest updates.

Ken Russell Deckchair: vote for best design

Ken Russell deckchair - click for details

Ken Russell is one of the people invited by the Royal Parks Foundation to design a deckchair.  You can sit on the deckchair in Regents Park London.  As well you can vote for the best design, buy postcards or even buy the deckchair.  Click on the image for details.


Ken on BBC1 Tues 5 Dec 2006

click for link

Alan Yentob looks at the web, including Ken and YouTube.  Click on the link for more details.  Thanks to Alex for the information.

Ken introduces L'Atalante

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Ken introduces one of his favourite films, Jean Vigo's L'Atalante, at the Curzon Cinema.  Click on the image for more details.


Ken at Delius Festival

The Delius Festival in Bradford is screening Song of Summer on 5 July 2006.  Afterwards Ken will talk.  Thanks to Lisi for the information.


Fire in Ken's house

Ken Russell cottage fire

Ken's house has been damaged by fire.  Ken and Lisi his wife are fine, but the house is badly damaged.  If you want to send him support send me an email and I'll pass it on.  Below, Ken and Lisi safe and sound.    Thanks to Alex Alien for the information.

Ken Russell safe from cottage fire   Ken Russell and wife safe


Tommy at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has a Tommy exhibition until Mar 2006 at the Cleveland Music Museum.  The exhibition covers the rock opera including of course Ken's film.  Exhibits include a handwritten manuscript revealing Pete Townshend's evolving concept of the opera, Roger Daltrey's Suit from the film, and a letter from Pete Townshend to Ken Russell with detailed casting proposals for the movie.  Click on the image for more details.  Thanks to Steve for the information.


Miner's Picnic Revisited on BBC4

In 1960 Ken made a documentary Miner's Picnic.  In the new film Ken revisits the locations used in the film, and meets the star of the film for the first time in 45 years.   It is on BBC4 on 15 Mar 2006.  Thanks to Ray for the info.  If you can't see it, part of it is on-line.  Click on the image for the link.

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Guitar Crazy in the Barbican, London

The Barbican Folk Britannia festival in London includes a showing of Ken's 1959 Monitor short Guitar Crazy (called From guitars to Streatham in the festival).  It shows on 3 Feb 2006.  Thanks to Ray for the information.



DVDs of The Devils are now regularly advertised on Ebay.  Note that these are bootleg copies of videos of television broadcasts, so not DVD quality.  Some site visitors have had good experiences, some bad.  Also some sellers have received very negative feedback from buyers:

  • disappointed with quality, obviously a copy as it jumps slightly

  • avoid DVD, it's heavily blurred, home made copy, not DVD, Beware!!

  • deals with burned DVD's in very bad quality (probably VHS copy).

  • "Devils" DVD was bootleg, poor quality, but got refund

  • The DVD does not work on any of our 3 DVD players

  • Bootleg quality dvd


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