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Zakes Mokae Slaughter of the Innocents

Slaughter of the Innocents

Directed by James Glickenhaus starring Scott Glen. 1994.  A brutal killer and a policeman on his track. The murderer is a Charles Manson type, wild hair and howling at the moon who, waiting for the flood, has built an ark in the canyons and is collecting two of everything. The policeman uses his psychic schoolboy son to pursue the killer.  The film is a confused mixed of genres, with the director unable to decide if the film is horror (with shades of Dust Devil and Silence of the Lambs), adventure (The Gate) or paranormal (Dead Zone). The young child, played by the son of the director, is particularly annoying.

Slaughter of the Innocents     Slaughter of the Innocents     Slaughter of the Innocents

Mokae has a tiny role as the janitor in the library. Because he has been negligent and not cleaned the tables, fingerprints are preserved giving a vital clue.

Zakes Mokae in Slaughter of the Innocents   Zakes Mokae in Slaughter of the Innocents



Zakes Mokae Vampire in Brooklyn

Vampire in Brooklyn

Directed by Wes Craven starring Eddie Murphy. 1995.  Murphy plays the vampire and is reasonably different from his usual Beverly Hills Cop role but it is not sharp enough: the comedy, horror and storyline get in the way of each other.  Mokae is the expert on vampires but not expert enough to impale the vampire through the heart.  A disappointingly small role considering his central role previously for Wes Craven.

Zakes Mokae Vampire in Brooklyn   Zakes Mokae Vampire in Brooklyn

  You can watch the film here (Blinkbox free)



Zakes Mokae Waterworld


Directed by Kevin Reynolds and starring Kevin Costner and Dennis Hopper. 1995.  A water epic, a sort of Mad Max but in a world of sea with no land. The Mad Max references include feral children, pirates and flying machines.  Mokae is one of the settlers on a water colony which is attacked by the techno pirates.

Mokae in Waterland



Zakes Mokae Outbreak


Directed by German director Wolgang Peterson (Das Boot) with Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Spacey, Donald Sutherland and Morgan Freeman. 1995.  A disaster film, as a virus and the inevitable government conspiracy threaten the word.  Mokae has a short role on the site fire-bombed by the military to wipe out the remains of a virus. He gives his usual intelligent performance, but it seems as if a sub-plot has been edited out.  A ju-ju-man appears and the scientists want to speak to him, "no" says Mokae, "he talks to me". But the witch doctor (and Mokae) don't appear again.

Zakes Mokae Outbreak   Zakes Mokae Outbreak



Zakes Mokae Krippendorfs Tribe

Krippendorf's Tribe

Directed by Todd Holland starring Richard Dreyfuss. 1998.  In Graham Greene's novel Our Man in Havana the spy invents missile bases to make his bosses happy. Here an anthropologist invents a tribe. But the film veers close to racism, with whites acting the role of savages...

Krippendorf Tribe  Krippendorf Tribe

...and no black men or women in academic roles, despite it being based around a modern university.  Mokae plays Sulukim, appearing briefly at the end as a "real" savage (on the phone), who helps in the plot twist.

Zakes Mokae Krippendorf's Tribe  Zakes Mokae Krippendorf's Tribe


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