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A mixed decade on film for Mokae- A Rage in Harlem, Slaughter of the Innocents and Krippendorf's Tribe are best forgotten, but Dust Devil is a cult classic.  And Mokae can still appear in major Holywood films such as Waterworld.


Zakes Mokae A Rage in Harlem

A Rage in Harlem

Directed by actor (Predator) turned director Bill Duke with Gregory Hines and Danny Glover. 1991.  Mokae in drag, one of his worst roles.

Zakes Mokae     Zakes Mokae     Zakes Mokae



Zakes Mokae Doctor

The Doctor

Directed by Randa Haines with William Hurt as a doctor who becomes a patient. Haines had worked with Hurt before in Children of a Lesser God, but this is a significantly weaker film. 1991.  When Hurt is exposed to the humiliations of being a patient, his own arrogance and professional aloofness falls away.  Mokae is one of the specialists treating Hurt. A good small character role.

The Doctor William Hurt  Zakes Mokae William Hurt



Zakes Mokae Body Ptrts

Body Parts

Directed by Eric Red. 1991.  Spare part surgery turns into horror. Jeff Fahey plays a psychiatrist who loses an arm in an accident. Experimental surgery means he is given a transplant, but the arm came from a mass murderer and seems to be taking over Fahey´s life.  Mokae plays Detective Sawchuck who originally captured the mass murderer and saw the transplant operation where the killer died. A good character role.  Mokae and Fahey would work together again in Parker Kane.

Zakes Mokae Body Parts

Zakes Mokae and Jeff Fahey    Zakes Mokae and Jeff Fahey

Zakes Mokae Body Parts



Zakes Mokae Dust Devil

Dust Devil

Directed by Richard Stanley. 1993.  A cult horror classic with the Dust Devil roaming the deserts of Namibia. A wife disappears and the husband looks for her.  Mokae is the detective who understands the real cause of the multiple deaths, the shape shifter. He is thoroughly convincing, well up to his best horror acting.

Zakes Mokae Dust Devil    Zakes Mokae Dust Devil

Zakes Mokae Dust Devil


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