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Mokae starts in British television on high profile shows such as Danger Man, then moves to America and repeats his success with Starsky and Hutch.


Danger Man

Danger Man

The episode "The Galloping Major" (2.4) 1964.  Danger Man was known as The Secret Agent in the USA.  Directed by Peter Maxwell with Danger Man John Drake, acted by Patrick McGoohan. An African state asks for help when they suspect a coup is being planned. Danger Man is sent to help.  For his cover he plays a major, and because he goes everywhere he is called the galloping major.  Mokae is the personal assistant to the president.  A minor role done professionally.

Zakes Mokae in Danger Man



Theatre 625: Seek Her Out

An episode from Theatre 625, a drama series on BBC2 from 1965. Alan Gibson directed (and would direct Mokae again in Troubleshooters).  Other episodes in the series included Fugard's Mille Miglia (without Mokae).





The episode The Day the Sea Caught Fire, from season four, directed by Alan Gibson 1968.  The BBC soap about Mogul, a fictional oil company.  Mokae plays Joshua Macey. information by kind permission from .




Hazel and Her New Gas Cooker

Part of the British ITV television drama series "Saturday Night Theatre".  The play was written by Bill MacIlwraith and starred Patricia Routledge and Jack Hedley with Mokae playing John Smith in 1969.  (Source imdb).  Buying a new gas cooker turns out to be a bad choice for the Day family.



Where Have They Gone, All the Little Children?

Part of the BBC television drama series "Thirty-minute Theatre".  The play was written by Charlotte and Dennis Plimmer and starred Michael Gwynn, Glyn Houston and Mokae in 1969.  (Source The Times, 6 Jan 1969). The play tackled the Biafran war.



Starsky & Hutch

Starsky and Hutch

The two part episode Murder at Sea (2.2), directed by George McCowan in 1975.  The usual Starsky and Hutch, this time on a cruise ship with lots of bikini clad girls. The murderer appears in a mask.

Starsky and Hutch   Zakes Mokae in Starsky and Hutch

Mokae has a short scene in jaunty mood and announces he has been "tattooing the Liberty Bell on a lady's derriere".



One in a Million

One in a Million: The Ron LeFlore Story

Directed by Winston Graham, 1978. A true life baseball story.  Ron LeFlore as a child gets involved in crime and is soon in prison. Here things starts badly but soon (a few minutes later) he starts playing baseball and becomes the prison's star convict, eventually emerging as a famous baseball star.  This is a poorly directed film, with no flow, stilted scenes and sentimental "no mamma, no more food" type goody goody dialogue.  Mokae is a fellow prisoner, finally rooting for him in front of a prison television as LeFlore moves to baseball stardom.  In this tedious film there is only one original image: the face of a small fan reflected in LeFlore´s dark glasses.

Zakes Mokae in One in a Million




Roots the next generation

Roots: the next generations

Mokae as a Gambian minister in the follow-up to Roots in 1979.  Mokae appears in the last episode, along with James Earl Jones and Marlon Brando, though he doesn't share any scenes with them.  He has worked with Jones many times, and also with Brando on A Dry White Season.

Zakes Mokae in Roots


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