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People Are Living There

Ben Rauch, O'Mara Leary, Larry Silverberg and Emma Myles at The Peter Norton Space in New York City.  Credit Richard Termine.

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Larry Silverberg and Omara Leary, directed by Suzanne Shepherd
the Specific Theatre production, USA


People Are Living There - Click for Link

The Market Theatre and the Windybrow Theatre production.  The director was Andre Odendaal and the cast were Anna-Mart van der Merwe, Carel Nel, Dania Gelderblom and Francois Jacobs.  Clicl on the image for the link.


A Place With the Pigs

Athol Fugard A Place with the Pigs
Michael Fitzgerald as Pavel and JarosLawa Michalewska as Praskovya in The Globe Theatre Group production, directed by Michael Vale.

Athol Fugard in A Place with the Pigs

Athol Fugard and Suzanne Shepherd in the 1987 world premiere.
Photo by Gerry Goodstein from here.


John Kani and Sean Taylor in Athol Fugard's Playland
John Kani and Sean Taylor


Playland - click for link
the New Perspectives Theatre perform Playland at the Holloway’s Florence Nightingale Memorial Hall, Nottingham on 8 Mar 2015.  Click on the image for the source.



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