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The Wickedest Man in the World The Wickedest Man in the World 2002

A documentary about devil worshipper Aleister Crowley for Channel 4 television.  A predictable documentary and Berkoff provides the voice of Crowley.   The director is Neil Rawles.

Aleister Crowley


Crime Doubles 2002

The BBC´s double length police series.  Berkoff plays the crime boss- in prison, but still in control.  He has the right level of menacing cynicism.

But the program as a whole is a mess, trying and failing with Se7en style editing which rather than speeding up the pace, turns it into a confused jumble of incidents.


Hans Christian Andersen Hans Christian Andersen: My Life as a Fairy Tale 2001

Andersen is played by Kieran Bew.  James Fox and Simon Callow also appear.  The director is Philip Saville, who directed Berkoff in Hamlet in 1964.

Berkoff in Hans Christian Andersen

Berkoff plays the teacher Meisling.  A predictable Dickensian type role, with Berkoff referring to Andersen as "you charity boy".

Hans Christian Andersen

The film is long and boring, though the Japanese sequence is beautiful, influenced by Paul Schrader's Mishima.


Jonathan Creek Jonathan Creek 2001

BBC´s feature length boxing day production for 2001. Magician and amateur detective Creek investigates a new murder, a traditional "body found dead in a locked room with no murder weapon" story.  Berkoff plays a film director and the whole crew, including Creek, are at a Scottish castle where a mysterious death occurred hundreds of years ago, and this seems to be relevant now.

Jonathan Creek   Steven Berkoff in Jonathan Creek

Berkoff in Jonathan Creek

Actually disappointing as it turns out that almost everyone was involved in the murder, rather than there being one criminal. Berkoff is fine as the director, even though the dialogue is at times wordy and wooden.


Reggie Kray Reggie Kray- The Last Word 2001

Berkoff narrates but does not appear in this documentary of the Kray Twins, gangsters in the East End who Berkoff knew. The film includes an interview with the dying Reggie Kray.


Atilla Atilla: mini series 2001

Berkoff plays King Rua in a mini series about Atilla the Hun.  Rua is the ruler of the Huns and has two heirs. The older has him poisoned but the younger, Atilla, takes over the crown and looks towards defeating Rome.

Berkoff in Atilla

The films suffers from comparisons with Kubrick´s Spartacus (the set piece battles) and the direction of battles filmed from above in the mist is taken from A Chinese Ghost Story.  Berkoff is good as the old leader, wise but not as wise as Atilla.  It was filmed in Lithuania.


In the Beginning In the Beginning 2000

A bible epic covering Genesis and Exodus.  Berkoff plays Potiphar.

Berkoff as Potiphar


Randall and Hopkirk Deceased Randall and Hopkirk (deceased) 2000

The episode Mental Apparition Disorder.  Berkoff plays "mouth" the gangster head of a casino "no is a word I don't understand, but I do understand fracture, dislocate, dismember, eviscerate".  Berkoff appears for a few seconds and is seen hidden in close-up so only an eye and mouth appear.

Randall and Hopkirk deceased Steven Berkoff



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