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Das Jüngste Gericht

Das Jüngste Gericht

Berkoff in a double episode Austrian tv thriller.  The films borrows a lot from from Silence of the Lambs.   The film stars Tobias Moretti- who's next film would be the promisingly titled 1½ Knights - In Search of the Ravishing Princess Herzelinde, Christoph Waltz and Silke Bodenbender.  Berkoff plays Conrad, but he is dubbed into German, so what is the point of using Berkoff?  Did they intend to dud the other actors into English and try and sell it abroard?  Directed by Urs Egger in 2008.

Das Jüngste Gericht with Steven Berkoff



The 10th Man

Not Graham Greene's late novel about France under the occupation but a short ten minute Jewish comedy in the East End.  Directed by newcomer Sam Leifer in 2006.   Berkoff plays Red Jack Weinbaum.  You can see the film here.

Steven Berkoff in The Tenth Man



Steven Berkoff New Tricks New Tricks 2006

New Tricks

A police informant comes back to town after 18 years, and an old case is reopened.  Berkoff is the guest star playing Ray Cook, a best selling author (his book is titled Hardest Geezer in Town) who talks in cockney rhyming slang.  Is he the actual criminal?  Berkoff does his standard working-class-henchman-made-good-through-crime role.  Series 3 episode 6.


Steven Berkoff Hotel Babylon Hotel Babylon 2006

Hotel Babylon Berkoff

The BBC series about the problems in a five star hotel.  Berkoff is to testify against gangsters so is kept in the hotel under guard by the police.  A hit-man comes after him.  The writer is Tony Basgallop.  Series 1 episode 8.   Predictable but fun.


Alive: Back to the Andes 2006


A Channel 5 documentary with Berkoff the voice narrator.  The three part documentary recreates the journey of survivors after the Andes plane crash.


By the pricking of my thumbs agatha christie By the Pricking of my Thumbs 2006

Steven Berkoff  in Marples By the Pricking of my Thumbs

Part of an Agatha Christie Miss Marples series.  Berkoff plays Freddie Eccles.  The script is by Stewart Harcourt and the director is Peter Medak.  Berkoff worked with Medak on The Krays previously.  Geraldine McEwan plays Miss Marple and the cast also includes Claire Bloom and Charles Dance.



It's a Boy It's a Boy 2005

Steven Berkoff as the voice of King Herod

A cartoon film made by a Christian charity to tell the story of Jesus to schoolchildren.  It was sent free to 26000 schools in Britain.  The director is Julian Tewkesbury and screenplay is by Alexa Tewkesbury.  The film is 30 minutes long and cost £200,000.  The bible story is told by three birds (quails).  Berkoff does the voice for King Herod.

The advert says "Some quails only dream... others dare to believe".


Happy the Man 2003

Berkoff provides the voice-over.  Any other information is welcome.


Seven Wonders of the Industrial World Seven Wonders of the Industrial World 2003

Steven Berkoff in Seven Wonders

A dramatised documentary series, Berkoff appears in the episode about the Brooklyn Bridge as John A. Roeblinh, the architect and man behind the bridge.  But just as building was about to start, he died, and his son continued the work.  Berkoff used the knowledge he gained from doing the documentary to update his play Sit and Shiver, where one character talks of the building of the bridge.



Dune Children of Dune 2003

Children of Dune Steven Berkoff

Berkoff plays Stilgar in the six hour television mini-series based on Frank Herbert's Dune novels.  Filming was in Prague.  Directed by Greg Yaitanes.


Broken Morning 2003

A dramatised documentary with Ciarán Hinds as Albert Camus.  Catherine McCormack,  Freddie Jones and Struan Rodger appear alongside Berkoff playing the mayor.  Directed by Jack Bond.



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