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War and Remembrance War and Remembrance 1998

"The German actors view me suspiciously. An Englishman playing Hitler? I get the wig on, the false jowls, and then the famous signature- the moustache, I become him and him me- the symbiosis of the actor with his part. I walk on the set and everyone quietens down. This is not a likeness. This is he."
(from Overview).

Berkoff as Hitler   Steven Berkoff as Adolf Hitler   Adolf Hitler played by Steven Berkoff

Berkoff is very good in his role, and he does create a good physical likeness.  His Hitler twitches with psychopathic megalomania.  A television mini-series of more than 20 hours (12 DVDs!!). The Berkoff scenes are full of tension, the other scenes drag and drag on, Mitchem particularly bad, and Gielgud too predictable.  Directed by Dan Curtis who also directed Berkoff in the film Intruders.


Expelling the Demon 1999

Devlin Crow directs a five minute oral hygiene cartoon.  " Tongue drawn and slaughtered, oral hygiene is reaching new extremes. Berkoff-voiced bedsit man wages war on own mouth after lecherous failing. Words fail, so bleed all about it".


La Femme Nikita La Femme Nikita 1998

The episode In Between (2.20).  Berkoff plays an agent who has been waiting for nine years to be picked up.  But Operations regard him as an embarrassment.  Berkoff is good, playing the gentleman villain who is also a victim.

Berkoff in La Femme Nikita


Brasseye BrassEye 1997

The episode Science.  Berkoff appears in the spoof documentary series.  The series includes celebrities who believe they are in a real documentary.  Berkoff uses a hammer to destroy models, showing the effect of "heavy electricity" which has crushed some Sri Lankans so badly that some are now only eight inches tall.

Berkoff in Brasseye Berkoff signs for Brasseye

He is clearly reading from the script on the table, and like the other celebrities he signs a letter to the Sri Lankan embassy complaining about their lack of action on heavy electricity.  But he is so carefree and happy, it suggests he may be the only guest on BrassEye who knew he was in a spoof.


Space Precinct Space Precinct 1994

Berkoff in the episode Deadline.  Aliens are found dumped with their organs removed. This is an update of the Burke and Hare body-snatcher tale, with Berkoff playing the mad surgeon. One of the policemen acts as a decoy and almost comes under Berkoff´s laser knife, but ultimately it is Berkoff who dies, shot by one of his alien body-snatchers.

Berkoff in Space Precinct     Berkoff in Space Precinct

The series is by Gerry Anderson who also did UFO in which a young Berkoff appeared.


Star Trek Deep Space Nine Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 1993

"If he was a bit shorter and his teeth were a bit sharper, he'd make a good Ferengi."  Berkoff plays Hagath, a gun runner, in the Business as Usual episode. The episode features quotes and references to The Third Man, Taxi Driver etc.


A Season of Giants A Season of Giants 1991

Made for television, the giants being Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. A six hour mini-series.  Berkoff plays Savonarola- he would also play the role in The Borgias from 2011.  It is also called Michelangelo the Last Giant.  Directed by Jerry London.

A Season of Giants



Sins Sins 1991

A mini-series, lasting about six hours but it seems longer.  As a child Joan Collins and her brother Timothy Dalton are present when their mother is murdered by the Nazi Steven Berkoff.  Collins becomes a major fashion designer, and she succeeds is getting Berkoff sentenced to jail for life. But he is reprieved and comes looking for vengeance.  A very slow series, stretching credibility as the children not only manage to get past two Nazi guards, but also capture their weapons and kill them. Collins also marries a composer, played by Gene Kelly, who shortly after is murdered.  Directed by Douglas Hickox. Berkoff worked with Dalton again twenty years later in The Tourist.

Sins Steven Berkoff

Berkoff is good as the Nazi "I only did my duty as a good soldier". Collins would later appear in Berkoff´s filming of Decadence.

Sins Joan Collins Steven Berkoff




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