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Streets of Yesterday 1989

Israeli director Judd Yehuda Ne'eman with a spy thriller based on the Israeli-Palestinian struggle.


The Professionals The Professionals 1983

Berkoff is guest star in A Man Called Quinn, the last but one episode ever.  Berkoff is an evil doctor in a mental asylum. One patient, former agent Quinn, hallucinates and sees enemy soldiers and spies everywhere. A reworking of The Manchurian Candidate, Berkoff is of course shot down at the end. Horace Ové directs.

Berkoff in The Professionals Berkoff in The Professionals



Coming out of the Ice Coming out of the Ice 1982

An American who gets caught up in the Russian gulags.  Based on a true story.  John Savage and country singer Willie Nelson star.   A minor role for Berkoff.  I can't find him in the film- any tips welcome.  Warris Hussein directs.


Vodka Cola Beloved Enemy 1981

Berkoff as a Russian in this corporate saga.  Broadcast in the Play for Today series by the BBC on 10 Feb 1981.

Beloved Enemy
(Photo from here)

Directed by Alan Clarke with screenplay by David Leland and Charles Levinson based on Levinson's book Vodka Cola.  As well as Berkoff it featured Graham Growden, Tony Doyle, Oskar Quitak, George Pravda and Richard Bebb.


The Expert 1971

Prudence Fitzgerald directs the episode The Coat from the BBC series The Expert.  Marius Goring (above) is the expert, a forensic scientist.  Berkoff plays Mike Barrett.  The series was the first BBC2 drama series to be made in colour.  Information from The Independent 18 Aug 2005.



UFO UFO 1970, 1971

An early role for Berkoff manning the spaceships which are sent up against the UFOs in four episodes, Destruction, Mindbender, Cat with 10 Lives and Reflections in the Water. 1970.

In Cat with 10 Lives an alien in the form of a cat infiltrates SHADO headquarters, with some interesting cats-viewpoint photography.

Steven Berkoff in UFO

Berkoff manages to destroy a UFO in the climax.

UFO Cat with 10 Lives

In Destruction a battleship is the target of UFOs but Commander Straker does not know why.

Berkoff in UFO Even Moonbase cannot help.   Berkoff almost becomes victim to a laser beam sent from earth to the alien craft.


Moonbase in UFO
Berkoff in UFO Reflections in the Water has the aliens underwater.  Berkoff has a very brief appearance as an invasion is held off.

In Destruction he has an even smaller role.


Berkoff in UFO


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