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Best subject for a new Steven Berkoff play

  • Midnight in Trafalgar Square during the five year non-stop picket of the South African embassy to free Nelson Mandela
  • The Tony Blair story
  • Pincher Martin by William Golding done as a monologue
  • on the dramatic and personal times of the trenches
  • the supernatural
  • an all woman play
  • a play about the rehearsals of an amateur performance of East, where the cast and director don't really understand the play and start simplifying it. It ends with the triumphant reviews: "really brought out the true meaning...", "made sense of an obscure.." etc
  • click for source of Mishima photo an adaptation of Yukio Mishima´s The Temple of the Golden Pavilion
  • Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin
  • the Bill Clinton scandal done if he was a Cockney, set in London
  • a frustrated actor kidnaps a director to prove he can act, and ties him to a chair while he performs at him
  • drama teachers with the same name as camp hair dresser rebel against people who hate physical theatre
  • getting older/losing sexual prowess
  • behind the scene look at the real Catholic church, drunk vicars, the use of prostitutes and all the usual stereotypes!!!
  • a short play about greed with men eating and gorging themselves to death in an orgy of gourmet food, a competition if you like!
  • an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet
  • Portray how the media alters the minds of different people in society through the way they produce it, e.g. news production, how it is constructed to produce a biased message
  • An adaptation of Dante's Inferno
  • the tale of Berkoff´s childhood
  • solitude and hope at the century end or century beginning
  • Cockneys on Mars
  • an adaptation of Electra
  • I do like the idea of the Tony Blair and Bill Clinton stories
  • schizophrenia
  • How Women Work: it might throw so light on the subject, he's easier to understand than any woman
  • sex, drugs, prostitution, pimps, murder, burglary
  • click for source Berkoff joins the Yiddish theatre
  • another history/ myth like Messiah
  • Prisoner in Rio the way he would have done it
  • the Kray twins each in separate prisons
  • Catholic church stuff, students of today, Royal Family satire
  • teaching could be portrayed very expressionistically
  • a new version of East with Ann Widdecombe as dad, William Hague as mum, Keith Vaz and Peter Mandelson as Les and Mike and Cherie Blair as Sylv
  • a deeper exploration of actor's lives. Steven Berkoff is the master of physical theatre
  • witchcraft, circus
  • prisoners!!
  • cocaine junkies
  • the life of Laura Desmond
  • racism not viewed nearly enough
  • I'm not really sure. Sounds vague but I would like to see a production which was classic, old school Berkoff, as I wasn't even born when his work was at it's prime
  • Spurt of Blood by Artaud
  • counselling/psychotherapy in the modern world - that's what I am studying at the moment and all the videos we get to see are SO ancient. I would like to see Berkoff T shirts diaries etc as it would solve my Christmas present dilemma each year. And I would like to be able to order say, a life size cardboard Berkoff from any play/film (what's that...do I hear a groan from Steven? sorry I know it's plebish) Oh yes, I'd like to be able to buy all his plays - how about it! As you can tell, he is my hero. He should have been a counsellor/therapist but I suppose in a way, he is
  • physical manifestations of disability
  • H. R. Giger - a physical interpretation!
  • racism, vulgar, class, different peoples attitude toward each other, rivalry, love, hatred, wealth, fashion, actors lives, etc
  • he should do a play on the devil like he did in The Messiah. It was an amazing scene to watch
  • he's very good at talking of real life events.  Possibly A Dolls House by Ibsen
  • why teenagers rebel
  • One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest adaptation
  • an adaptation of Wuthering Heights
  • Messiah featuring Bin Laden....
  • teaching physical theatre to people brought up on naturalism
  • definitely the gap between naturalism and physical theatre. An interpretation of H.R Giger would be awesome
  • a stage version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Oh go on steve!
  • I Cyclops, Homer's Odyssey and Gladiator
  • robots with more feelings than humans
  • the after-effects of the Decedent 1980's
  • anything he feels is right to portray
  • homosexuality
  • himself
  • something to do with space. A really surreal piece about aliens! But in true Berkoff style! Not like what's been done before!
  • amnesia
  • Safety Last, Das Klown
  • something which involves current issues.  Berkoff is the best at grabbing the audiences attention. We did The Trial for our GCSE Drama practical and we really liked it

  • something geeky!
  • I don't believe we should influence Berkoff´s artistic choice
  • His Life, maybe?
  • a tale of a student who believes that his life is normal until one day he realises when he dreams it is his real life
  • The Duchess of Malfi (I'm having a bugger of a time trying to "Berkovise" it myself !)
  • Berkoff Down Under, his experiences in Australia
  • anything that is distinctly berkoffian in every way possible
  • cloned humans - something using A LOT of physicality!
  • a comedy
  • paedophilia? A monologue inside the brain of a paedophile
  • his "relationship" with Nicholas de Jongh
  • Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland - repression, normalistic ideals being shattered subconsciously
  • anything about rock n roll
  • King Arthur and his knights
  • a day in the life of a scouser
  • the fire Brigade strikes. Loads of chances for physical work
  • I think he should touch on the allegorical tale of the 'Life of Pi' by Yann Martel. Would be another very good adaptation
  • man mental involved with prostitute...  a really sick and twisted domestic violence family......
  • the Life and Times of Iggy Pop
  • love, jealousy, revenge, death, irony, girls gettin exploited, domestic violence women and men!
  • Tony Blair vs Gordon Brown (very grotesque)
  • more of the Thatcher years or possibly the 'winter of discontent'
  • a play about African warlords
  • a day in the life of a drama student
  • George Bush junior
  • I think you should do something about animals, the movement of an animal can be so expressive and is a lot delicate than a humans. just an idea.  I like your work keep it up!
  • Buddha; he did an expose on Christ and if he did that, then he can certainly do an Albert Goldman on eastern religions, beginning alphabetically with our friend Buddha
  • inside the Prison Service
  • child to OAP [Old Age pensioner, an elderly person] with one actor, one ordinary (or maybe extraordinary) life, from beginning to end with all the highs and the lows
  • gangster paradise
  • Alice in Wonderland definitely Alice in Wonderland that would be amazing
  • beauty
  • behind the scene look at the real Catholic church, drunk vicars, the use of prostitutes and all the usual stereotypes!!! or maybe cloned humans - something using A LOT of physicality!  That looks pretty good but so does all of it. I think maybe a really dark play involving maybe drugs would be good - Berkoff could really show great scenes of hallucination etc with his style
  • I'd quite like to see a contemporary play written by Berkoff. Something meaty like Sarah Kane's Crave.  I'm directing a play using Berkoff and Artaud as my two technicians.  I love the theatre of cruelty, attacking the senses.  How can I create a feeling for the audience that makes them shiver at the spine, without actually being near them, and making them feel uncomfortable with just the presence of the actor?
  • Kill Bill a stage adaptation of Kill Bill
  • a play about the futile life of a fly- so clique-so bekoffian
  • Myra Hindley or Fred West- a chance to explore the subconscious depravity
  • the life of Aleister Crowley
  • anything Greek!
  • cloning, gene modification or DNA manipulation
  • I agree- Blair v Brown! That would be cool!! Obviously would have to be very stylised to make it even funnier!
  • he should stick with films/plays that have unhumanating experiences
  • oppression of Gender in Society
  • terrorism
  • a musical
  • the celebrity-obsessed culture
  • a comedy yet typically berkovian satirical look at Britain's mentality to follow everything America does
  • getting into the mind of little girls
  • Neverland - the true story, or something to do with Yorkshire (I'd love to see his take on that)
  • God/Religion/Terrorism
  • the 'Pepsi' generation: Britney, Christina, Beyonce, Paris et al
  • a sort of biopic. Inside the mind of Antonin Artaud -
  • Chaos Theory
  • something by Catherine Cookson
  • revisit Poe. Or maybe H P Lovecraft
  • the far right movement in modern engand. BNP influenced insight into the ignorance and sheer stupidity of this sad minority.


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