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Ken Russell Writing

UFO over Eden: novels and writings by Ken Russell


Beethoven Confidential Brahms gets Laid  Elgar Erotice Variations Delius A Moment with Venus

Four Composers: Beethoven, Brahms, Elgar and Delius

A quartet of novels about composers- Beethoven Confidential, Brahms Gets Laid, Elgar the Erotic Variations and Delius A Moment with Venus.

Beethoven Confidential.  This is adapted from his film on Beethoven with Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster and Glenda Jackson which didn't go ahead because the finance disappeared at the last moment.

Brahms Gets Laid was premiered on this site as an e-book.

Elgar the Erotic Variations.  Ken says he has done two films on Elgar but still had more to say and wanted to cover it in a novel.

Delius A Moment with Venus.  Each chapter is named after a piece by Delius and is written to match the music.


"Revenge" of the White Worm

As yet unpublished, Ken's novel from 2003 is based on a filmscript for a follow-on film.  With similarities to Cronenberg's Rabid, the female vampire preys on virgin flesh.

"And arm in arm they walk off together back into the side door of the British Museum.  And as it closes on her, Dolly takes the first step into a world of horror such as even Dracula himself could never have dreamed of".


Ken Russell Violation Violation

Ken Russell's best novel, a tale of a 1984 future.

"Have your I.D. cards and travel permits ready for inspection," rasped an amplified voice from the CCV as the chilling wail of the siren died away and the back of the black torpedo slid open to disgorge half a dozen official 'Crowd Control Regulators'.  To people with long memories they looked very like the typical football hooligans that had given Britain such a bad name at the end of the last century- except they were now condoned.  Their heads were shaved, their boots were steel tipped.


click for advert Brahms Gets Laid

Ken Russell's ebook about composer Brahms.  The book is exclusively available through this site.  "She came at him out of the mist.  Perhaps that is why he did not recognise her at first. And although he had known her for nigh on half a century and lusted after her on more than one occasion, he had never seen her naked before. Not even in his wildest dreams.  Her bright hair was loose, as he had not seen it for years. A slight breeze lifted strands of it, as though spinning a gossamer cloak from off her bare shoulders. Her breasts made him weep with loneliness and desire."

You can read a chapter from the book, and buy the whole book if you want, from here.


Ken Russell Directing Film Directing Film from Pitch to Premiere

Ken Russell on directing, 2000.  What is involved in every stage of the process of making a film. With lots of pictures and anecdotes.

Ken Russell Ken Russell Ken Russell


Ken Russell Mike and Gabys Space Novel Mike and Gaby's Space Gospel

Ken's first novel, 1999. Two robots, Mike and Gaby, seek to create a species that will be intelligent enough to save the robots from a virus (rust) that is killing them. RIP: Rust in Peace.  They plant two creatures in Eden and name them Adam and Eve, after their pet Triffids. But things do not go as planned when an alien creature (SATAN- Scientific Aeonistic Technological Angel of Nihilism) interferes.  Years later Mary, pregnant, and Joe have their reservation at the Holy Day Inn cancelled so have to sleep in the stables.

- Please Salome I'll give you half my kingdom
- How about two tickets for Cats
- Seeing a bunch of ancient Brits being thrown to the lions doesn't turn me on

The novel was based on a film script Ken had written. The web-page title UFO over Eden comes from this novel.   The book is dedicated to Ken's biographer The Rev. Gene Phillips S.J.


Ken Russell The Lion Roars The Lion Roars Ken Russell Fire over England

Ken Russell on films, 1993.  It is also called Fire Over England: The New British Cinema Comes Under Friendly FireThis includes an essay on The Wicker Man, one of Ken's favourite films.

Ken Russell Ken Russell Devils

photo of Ken by Ian Pert, and the scene is from Devils


Ken Russell A British Picture A British Picture Ken Russell Altered States Autobiography

The American title with an extra chapter is Altered States, 1989.  Ken Russell's autobiography from 1989 is enjoyable and informative and worth reading. At the same time he made the television film covering the same material.

Ken Russell Ken Russell


Ken Russell Films and Filming Ideas for films

A very early article by Ken Russell from his amateur days, 1959.  "The images in my mind are all perfectly exposed, there are no scratches, nothing is out of focus, the actors are superb and do everything without being told and the weather conditions are all one could ask for."

Ken Russell Lourdes Ken Russell Lourdes Ken Russell Lourdes



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