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Ken Russell people


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Ken Russell Whore Theresa Russell

Strangers in the Night
Stars in Ken's films including Jack Nicholson, Hugh Grant, Anthony Perkins, Barbara Windsor and Kathleen Turner.

Huw Wheldon

Behind the Camera
Cinematographers, editors etc including Derek Jarman


Oliver Reed in The Devils

Russell Regulars
People who work frequently with Ken such as Glenda Jackson, Oliver Reed, Georgina Hale,
Judith Paris and composer Peter Maxwell Davies

French Dressing by Ken Russell with Alita Naughton with typewriter

Absolute Beginners
Actors starting their career such as Donald Sutherland, William Hurt and others

Twiggy in Ken Russell's The Boyfriend

Song and Dance Men
From Nureyev to The Who

Ken Russell The Fall of the Louse of Usher

A Family Affair
Ken using his family in films, acting editing and costumes

Amanda Donohoe in Ken Russel's Lair of the White Worm

The Next Generation
Stars of the later films, Sammi Davis, Amanda Donohoe, James Johnson of Gallon Drunk

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