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Zakes Mokae chronology



Plays, films, tv
Mokae others
  1932 Athol Fugard born
Murder in the Cathedral by T.S. Eliot

Awake and Sing by Clifford Odets
1935 Zakes Mokae born in Johannesburg,
South Africa
The Girl who Killed to Save by Herbert Dhlomo 1936 F.W. de Klerk born
Out Town by Thornton Wilder 1938  
Eugene O'Neill
A Long Day's Journey into the Night
by Eugene O'Neill
1939 Jan Smuts becomes prime minister
of South Africa (to 1948)
The Rude Criminal by Gaur Radebe 1940  
  1942 Nelson Mandela joins ANC
The Pass by Herbert Dhlomo 1943  
  1945 Second World War in Europe over
  1946 Second World War in Asia over  
Stephen Biko born
A Streetcar Named Desire
by Tennessee Williams
Alan Paton
Alan Paton´s Cry the Beloved Country published
1948 Mahatma Gandhi dies India

D.F. Malan D.F. Malan becomes prime
minister of South Africa (to 1954)

Apartheid laws
Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller
Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, novel
  1950 South Africans categorised as white, black or coloured
Jan Smuts dies
The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie
Ralph Elison
Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, novel

Black Skin White Masks by Franz Fanon
Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett 1953 Eugene O'Neill dies
Jen Genet
Deathwatch by Jean Genet


G. Strijdom becomes prime minister of
South Africa
(to 1958)
Fugard and Mokae found Circle Players
in Cape Town
Long Day's Journey into the Night
by Eugene O'Neill
Look Back in Anger by John Osborne
A Hatful of Rain by Michael Gazzo
1956 Herbert Dhlomo dies


No-Good Friday, play
Kimberley Train by Lewis Sowden
1958 Hendrik Verwoerd
Hendrik Verwoerd becomes prime minister
of South Africa (to 1966)
Nongogo, play
Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco
Roots by Arnold Wesker
Try for White by Basil Warner
King Kong by Matschikiza, Bloom
1959 Bantu act
The Caretaker by Harold Pinter 1960 Sharpeville Massacre

John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy elected President USA
The Dumb Waiter, play
The Blood Knot, play
1961 Mokae moves to London
South Africa becomes a republic
Julius Nyrere leads Tanganyika to independence
Yuri Gagarin becomes first man in space
A World of Strangers, film 1962


Fugard encourages British playwrights to boycott segregated audiences

Nelson Mandela imprisoned on Robben Island

A Dance in the Forest by Wole Soyinka
The Blood Knot, play
1963 John F. Kennedy assassinated USA
 Danger Man, tv 1964 Frederik John Harris plants a bomb
in Johannesburg station
Seek Her Out, tv
Hello and Goodbye
Loot by Joe Orton
Kanna Hy Ko Hystoe by Adam Small
1965 Yukio Mishima
First part of novel sequence Sea of Fertility
Yukio Mishima

Ian Smith declares white-ruled Rhodesia
Darling, film
The Trials of Brother Jero, play
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
by Tom Stoppard


Stephen Biko attends university
Hendrik Verwoerd murdered
The Comedians, film 1967


The Blood Knot, tv film

B.J. Vorster becomes prime minister
of South Africa (to  1978)

Where Have They Gone,
All the Little Children?, tv
1969 Woodstock festival
Neil Armstrong first man on moon
Mokae moves to the USA
Fragment of Fear, film
Boesman & Lena, play
Boesman & Lena, play
The Blood Knot, play
The Emperor Jones, play
The Island
Equus by Peter Shaffer
East by Steven Berkoff
Starsky and Hutch, tv
1975 Breyten Breytenbach
Breyten Breytenbach imprisoned

Pol Pot regime and the killing Fields in Cambodia
 The River Niger, film 1976 Soweto riots
 Mid-Century Blues, play 1977 Stephen Biko
Stephen Biko dies
A Lesson from Aloes, play
One in a Million: The Ron LeFlore Story
, tv film
1978 P.W. Botha becomes prime minister
of South Africa (to 1989)
A Dry White Season by Andre Brink, novel
Roots the Next Generations, tv film
1979 Margaret Thatcher elected prime minister,
Great Britain
The Island, film 1980 Founds The Black Actors Theatre with
Danny Glover in San Francisco
Robert Mugabe wins first free elections
in Rhodesia, renamed Zimbabwe
 Roar, tv film 1981  
Master Harold...and the Boys, play
Knight Rider, tv
Top Girls by Caryl Churchill
1982 Wins Tony award for Master Harold
 A Caribbean Mystery, tv film 1983 J.M. Coetzee
novelist J.M. Coetzee wins Booker Prize

Tennessee Williams dies
The Road to Mecca 1984 P.W. Botha
P.W. Botha becomes president (to 1989)
Fences by August Wilson
Born in the RSA by Barney Simon
Blood Knot, play


Live Aid concert
 Master Harold...and the Boys, tv film 1986 Wole Soyinka
Wole Soyinka awarded Nobel Prize
A Place with the Pigs
A Different World, tv
The Serpent and the Rainbow, film
Cry Freedom, film
The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie, novel
1988 Novelist Alan Paton dies
The Hogan Family, tv
Dad, film
A Dry White Season, film
Gross Anatomy, film
1989 F.W. de Klerk
F.W. de Klerk becomes president

of South Africa (to 1994)
Parker Kane, tv film
Dream On, tv
1990 Nelson Mandela released from prison
Namibia gains independence
Irak invades Kuwait
A Rage in Harlem, film
Body Parts, film
The Doctor, film
1991 Nadime Gordimer
novelist Nadime Gordimer awarded
Nobel Prize for literature
In Darkest Hollywood, documentary
Percy and Thunder, tv film
The X-files, tv
Dust Devil, film
The Song of Jacob Zulu, play
1993 Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk
awarded Nobel Peace Prize
Rise and Walk: the Dennis Byrd Story, tv film
Law and Order, tv
Slaughter of the Innocents, film
1994 Eugene Ionesco dies

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela elected president
of South Africa (to 1999)
Sarah Kane
Blasted by Sarah Kane

Vampire in Brooklyn, film
Waterworld, film
Outbeak, film
Fences, play
  1997 Princess Diana dies
Oz, tv
Krippendorf's Tribe, film
  1999 Thabo Mbeki elected president of South Africa
The West Wing, tv 2000  
  2001 911 attack on the USA
National Pastimes, play
Monk, tv
The Road to Mecca, play 2003  
  2005 Arthur Miller dies
  2008 Harold Pinter dies
Zakes Mokae passes away 2009  


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