Pilar Ruiz


Pilar Ruiz Pilar Ruiz Pilar Ruiz

Pilar Ruiz is a professional actress and director with more than 20 years experience in productions in Spain and Great Britain, including various national tours of up to 300 performances.

This is supplemented by academic qualifications. During her study John Strasberg of John Strasberg’s The Real Stage recommended she be given an acting grant.

Pilar Ruiz has recently been involved in creating innovative new work both in Spanish and English:

Tejas Verdes was a successful public reading at the Jermyn Street Theatre, London, alongside Joely Richardson and Patsy Byrne bringing the work of Fermín Cabal to the attention of an English speaking audience.

Shamanic Whisper was a piece she directed at the Theatro Technis, London. The piece combined theatre with movement representing Shamanic rituals of South America, and demonstrates her affinity with theatre and dance.

Pilar Ruiz has Spanish nationality and currently lives and works in London. Here she is completing her PhD thesis about Peter Brook, concentrating on his London years.

Pilar Ruiz Pilar Ruiz Pilar Ruiz