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Pilar Ruiz


El rio que nos lleva (The River which Drives Us) 1989
Director Antonio del Real

Pilar Ruiz, El rio que nos lleva
Pilar Ruiz, right


The Spooky Healing 2006

The Spooky Feeling



Tirante el Blanco (Tirante the White)
A filming of the play for TVE, Spanish Television

Fíjate (Pay Attention)
A documentary for Kalima Productions with Rossy de Palma

Pilar Ruiz, Fijate
Pilar Ruiz

Voiceover on the weekly series for TVE, Spanish Television


shorts and commercials

short films
Various short films for T.A.I and C.E.I (Study Film Centres)

Various commercials for Amtea Productions

Various commercials for Kalima Productions


 © 2000-2012 Pilar Ruiz