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An archive of the 2007 Hot News



Gesäubert (Cleansed) in Vienna, Austria

Cleansed (Gesäubert) is performed in German in Vienna, Austria from the 25-30 Sept 2007.  It is at the WUK Projektraum.  The director is Jérôme Junoda and the actors are Bernd-Christian Althoff (Carl), Florian Köhler (Tinker), Marie Jung (Grace), Alexander Julian Meile (Graham), Angela Smigoc (woman), Markus Subramaniam (Robin) and Wojo van Brouwer (Rod).  Click on the image for more details.  Thanks to Jérôme for the information.



4.48 Psychosis in York

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York University Drama Society present 4.48 Psychosis directed by Lisa Blair.  It is on 6, 8 and 10 Mar 2007.  Click on the image for more details.  Thanks to Lisa for the information.



Blasted touring Britain

Blasted- click for link

Theatre North's Blasted, performed in Yorkshire in mid 2006, now goes on a national tour.  The dates are:

19 Jan 2007 Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax
21 Jan 2007 Lantern Theatre, Sheffield
25-26 Jan 2007 The Lowry, Manchester
1 Feb 2007 The Customs House, South Shields
8 Feb 2007 Aberystwyth Arts Centre
14 Feb 2007 Norwich Arts Centre
20-24 Feb 2007 The Carriageworks, Leeds
28 Feb 2005 The Drill Hall, Lincoln

Click on the image for more details.  Thanks to Martin for the information.

Site visitor Madeleine says (thanks Madeleine):

"I'm sorry to say that although I couldn't wait to see Blasted again I was severely disappointed with Theatre North's adaptation.

Though I know Sarah wrote explicit stage directions that are, though open to interpretation, integral to her work, the dictation of these was a trap that I thought both Theatre North and last year Graeae could and should have avoided. I thought it screamed A Level drama, not at all a well thought out or even thought provoking piece.

I was so excited to see one of Sarah's plays last year, and again when I thought a new version of Blasted may offer more, however neither Ian's were compelling on stage in my opinion - I did not believe either one of them. The hacking cough that when I read the text echoes through my imagination was an empty fake action on stage in Leeds, and tottaly destroyed any reality of Ian for me. As for his fake kisses planted on Cate I felt sorry for the poor actress trying to work with such a man who directs what may have been called a 'feast of filth', but got people talking and snapping awake and looking at theatre. His performance lacked any depth at all for me.

The American accent of the soldier also resonated far too much with an absurd political statement about Bush and Iraq rather than Sarah's possible comments on any war, and the war in our own countries and own lives.

All in all, I hated Theatre North's amateur appearing version of a fascinating and totally fantastic piece of theatre. I hope Sarah has enough sense of humour to be looking down and laughing at their failure rather
than tearing her hair out wondering why she bothered...

...at least there are some of us (definitely the group of ten that I organised to see the play together) who appreciate her work still and believe that if you can't do it well... don't do it.

Thanks for the opportunity to voice my opinion on the production."



Blasted in London

Sarah Kane Blasted- click for link

Graeae Theatre Company present Blasted in London.  It is at the Soho Theatre from 16 Jan - 3 Feb 2007.  "Graeae will be your guide through Kane’s dark landscapes of human longing and cruelty - from a gleaming hotel room, where two ex-lovers meet, through threats and spite to personal brutality and further, as violence seems to spread like a virus until our world seems engulfed and all is damaged".

The director is Jenny Sealey.  Design is by Jenny Sealey and Jo Paul.  Lighting is by Ian Scott and music by Gregg Fisher.  The actors are Gerard McDermott (Ian), David Toole (soldier) and Jennifer Jay Ellison (Cate).

Sarah Kane Blasted

Graeae is a disabled-led theatre company that profiles the skills of actors, writers and directors with physical and sensory impairments. The artistic approach creates aesthetically accessible productions that include a disabled and non-disabled audience.

Artistic Director Jenny Sealey says "I have always known about Blasted, but I did not really discover the play until recently when I worked on it with two blind directors and a team of actors.  We found the play lent itself perfectly to the Graeae aesthetic, and provided fascinating opportunities for us to take a creative approach to interpreting otherwise non-verbal communication within the script.  Directing a Graeae cast in a play in which so many metaphors surrounding disability exist will present unique challenges. We must ensure the actors own these metaphors. We believe the roles played by someone who is disabled will excavate so much more of Kane’s language and that will emerge from a personal connection with the text. This promises to be an extremely exciting and potentially explosive interpretation.  Blasted remains one of the most cutting edge plays of 20th Century and with only 4 main productions in the UK and in the light of recent events in Iraq and the London bombings this piece remains a testament to the world we live in."

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