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Sarah Kane

Sarah Kancold news 2002-3


An archive of the 2002 Hot News



Sarah Kane 4.48 Psychosis in Italy
Sarah Kane festival in Italy

Sarah Kane 4.48 Psychosis

Sarah Kane 4.48 Psychosis

4-48 Psychosis 

Directed by Pierpaolo Sepe, translated by Gian Maria Cervo. The player is Monica Nappo.

Nuovo Teatro Nuovo
22-24 Mar 2002

Sarah Kane Skin


Skin at the British Council, Corte Isolani, strada Maggiore, Bologna
22 Mar 2002

Sarah Kane Sinfonia

Sinfonia per corpi soli

Teatro Aperto
direction Renzo Martinelli
5-7 Apr 2002

Sarah Kane Crave


Laboratorio 9
direction Barbara Nativi
12-14 Apr 2002

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and here for details in Italian



Crave and 4.48 Psychosis in Berlin, Germany

Crave (Gier) and 4.48 Psychosis (4.48 Psychose) are on in Berlin at the Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz, Kurfürstendamm 153, 10709 Berlin.

Crave. "Die Personen des Stücks, zwei Männer und zwei Frauen, sind nur mit Buchstaben bezeichnet. Wer will, kann A, B, C und M als »Author«, »Brother«, »Child« und »Mother« lesen (oder A, B, C als Nebenrollen, wogegen M dann als »Me« oder Zentral-Ich gelten dürfte) für die Wirkung des Textes ist das alles unerheblich. »Gier« ist eine wunderbare, befremdliche Sprachkomposition aus Zustandsbeschreibungen (»Ich spüre nichts«), Lebensregeln (»Gib, habe Mitleid, beherrsche«), Story-Fetzen (etwa ein Kindsmißbrauch im Auto), aus Liebesverlangen und Liebesekel und Todessehnsucht. "

The players are Falk Rockstroh (A), Thomas Dannemann (B), Cristin König (C), Michaela Steiger (D) and the director is Thomas Ostermeier.

4.48 Psychose. "Das Stück, das erkennbar an Becketts späten Dramen geschult ist und unter anderem T.S.Eliot zitiert, wirkt zunächst wie ein auf vier Sprecher verteilter Monolog. Und doch gibt es Rudimente eines Beziehungs-Doppels im Quartett: Der ältere Mann A verzehrt sich nach dem jungen Mädchen C (an dem er sich offenbar in früheren Jahren vergriffen hat), sie reagiert angewidert. Der junge Mann B verlangt nach der Liebe der alternden Frau M, die aber will ihn nur benutzen zum Zweck der Begattung: »Ich brauche ein Kind.  "4.48 Psychose" ist das Postmortem einer desolaten Frau, deren Selbst destruktiv ist und die nur das Sprechen kurzzeitig von ihrem Schmerz erlösen kann

The players are Jule Böwe, Sylvana Krappatsch, Kay Bartholomäus Schulze and the director is Falk Richter

The next performances of Crave/Gier are on 26, 27, 30 Mar, 1 Apr  2002 (too late!!)
The next performances of 4.48 Psychose are on 13, 14 Apr 2002.

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4.48 Psychosis in Austria

Sarah Kane 4.48 Psychosis  

Sarah Kane 4.48 Psychosis in Austria

Sarah Kane 4.48 Psychosis in Austria

4.48 Psychosis is playing in Vienna.  This is directed James MacDonald and includes the Royal Court staging.  Highly recommended.  The players are Maria Hengge, Heike Kretschmer and Lukas Miko.

The performances are on 27, 28, 31 Mar, 4, 9 April .

Click here for details (choose Kasino)

Thanks to Markus for the information.  You can read his article on Sarah Kane in English (click here) or German (click here).



4.48 Psychosis in Portugal

The Staging is by Nuno Cardoso and the actors are Antonio Fonseca, Catia Pinheiro, Joao Miguel Melo, Maria João Falcão, Nuno Cardoso, Nuno M. Cardoso and Tonan Quito.  
4.48 Psychosis (4.48 Psicose) is revived in Espaço A Capital to 31 Mar.



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Crave in Scarborough, UK

There is a production of Crave as part of the National Student Drama Festival. The dates are 27, 28 Mar 2002. Click on the image for details.



Sarah Kane Blasted- click for link
Blasted in Scotland

A new Blasted, directed by Kenny Miller, will be performed in the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland. Its on from 7-30 Mar 2002.  Click on the image for more details. (Mar 2002).



Cleansed ( Purificados ) in Teatro Academico de Gil Vicente (Coimbra) to 14 Mar 2002.



Sarah Kane 4.48 Psychosis in Denmark
4.48 Psychosis in Denmark 

4.48 Psychosis (4:48 Psykose) is  playing in Copenhagen at the Edison Theater from 2-23 Mar 2002.
The player is Trine Dyrholm. Thanks to Anders for the info.
Click on the image for details.



Phaedra´s Love in Birmingham, UK

Phaedra´s Love is on at the Birmingham Hippodrome from 13-16 Mar 2002.



448 Psychosis in Athens, Greece

448 Psychosis is currently running in Athens, as a monologue performed in Greek by Roula Pateraki.  Its on at the CHORA Theatre.



Blasted in Johannesburg, South Africa

Blasted will be on in Johannesburg, South Africa in February 2002."For me, the play is utterly alive to the sensitivity and brutality, the vulnerability and the cruelty of our lives. I connect to this . In a South African context it will be pretty provocative as many are trying to forget the extreme brutality of the past and present. History here is literally written with the bullet and blood and beauty".



4.48 Psychosis in Finland

4.48 Psychosis (4.48 Psykoosi ) is on at the Finnish National Theater. The director is Michael Baran.

The actors were Wanda Dubiel, Seppo Pääkkönen and Tuuli Lindberg (singing).
Visual designer was Kimmo Viskari and music was by Juhani Nuorvala

Site visitor Markku says "Pääkkönen played the doctor. The music was quite experimental...some sort of avantgardistic classical music (the singer talked about some "natural sounds" you cannot get out of normally tuned piano, but I couldn't get the jargon) and the singer sang lines from the play. After the list of medicals was revealed, she sang their names a few times. I attended a discussion about the play afterwards and they had quit interesting opinions and stories about the rehearsals."

Click on the image for details.

Thanks to Markku for the info.



Phaedra´s Love performed in Amsterdam in Feb 2002

Sarah Kane Phaedras Love- click for link

4.48u Psychose in The Netherlands.4.48 Psychosis (4.48u Psychose) will be performed by Het Vervolg, the group who performed Crave/ Hunker. The director is Léon van der Sanden, the players are Camilla Siegertsz and Irene Slotboom, with the translation by Marcel Otten. It is at the Derlon Theatre, Maastricht from 22 Jan to 2 Mar 2002. Click on the image for details.

Cleansed and 4.48 Psychosis in Poland. Cleansed in performed in Wroclaw, Warsaw and Poznan- it's the same performance, but is a co-production of three theatres, so is performed in three different cities.  In Warsaw it is performed at Teatr Rozmaitosci: www.rozmaitosci.pl Premieres:  Poznan: 15 Dec 2001, Wroclaw: 9 Jan 2002, Warsaw: 18 Jan 2002
4.48 Psychosis is performed both in Poznan (premiere 24 Jan) and Warsaw (Rozmaitosci again) - premiere on the 8 Feb, Thanks to Jolka for the info.



Sarah Kane Festival in Madrid, Spain

Sarah Kane Crave- click for link

Crave (Ansia) opens a season dedicated to Sarah Kane. The premiere is 5 Feb 2002 at the Teatro Pradillo in Madrid.

Crave is produced by Deconstrucción Theatre.  The cast are C Cristina Falcón, M Angeles Espinosa, B Ángel Font, A Gonzalo Jiménez.  Translated and Directed by Emanuel Cini.

Blasted (Reventado) On at 9, 10, 11 and 12 Feb.  The cast are Pedro Rebollo, Raquel Hernández and Antonio Gómez.  Translated by Antonio Alamo and directed by Rosario Ruiz Rodgers.

Phedra's love (El amor de Fedra) On at 14,15, 16 and 17 Feb 2002. The cast are Iván Hermes, Arantxa Aranguren, Ruth Díaz and Emilio Linder.  Translated by Antonio Fernández Lera and directed by Carlos Marchena.

Conferences and discussions:

Día 5 de febrero, 21.15h. -Conferencia de inauguración a cargo de Elyse Dodgson, Directora del Royal Court International Residency.

Día 11 de febrero, 21.45h.  -Conferencia-Debate: "Imposturas teatrales : el compromiso de Sarah Kane", a cargo de Manuel F. Vieites (crítico teatral).

Día 7 de febrero, 21.15 h. -Lectura-debate de la obra "Psychosis 4. 48" a cargo de Guillermo Heras (director de escena) y Carla Matteini (traductora)

Día 12 de febrero, 20h. -"Sarah Kane: dolor, caos y devastación". Modera Vicente León. Con los directores de escena: Emanuel Cini, Rosario Ruiz Rodgers, Carlos Marchena y Xavier Albetí.

Día 15 de febrero, 21.45h. -"He cagado en sitios mejores que éste". Modera Antonio Alamo. Con los autores de teatro: Borja Ortiz de Gondra, Juan Mayorga, Antonio Fernández Lera. Organizado por la "Asociación de Autores de Teatro".

Thanks to Emanuel for the information.



Performances in Germany

4.48 Psychosis (4.48 Psychose), directed by Thirza Bruncken, opens in Munich on 7 Nov in the Kammerspiele. The next performances are on 24, 25 Jan 2002.   On 24 Jan there will be a discussion. Click here for details.

Crave. Having just completed a run of 4.48 Psychosis (Psychose 4.48), the "Schaubuehne am Lehniner Platz" in Berlin, Germany is now showing Crave (Gier). Click here for details. Performances are in January and February 2002.



The Slovene premiere of Phaedra's Love and 4.48 Psychosis.

This is a part of the 2001/2002 season in Mladinsko Theatre, "a post-Brechtian interpretation of Kane's world of anger, rage and violence, a stunning comment on the global post-democratic contemporary society". The director is Eduard Miler. It on throughout the 2001/2002 season at Mladinsko Theatre, Ljubljana, Slovenia. The next (final?) date is 9 Jan 2002. For more details click on the images (left Slovenian and right in English). Thanks to Zanina for the info.



Blasted in Canada in French

Blasted will be performed in French at the Théâtre des Quat'Sous, Montreal,
from 21 January to 2 March 2002.  The director is Stacey Christodoulou, the
translation is by Anne-Marie Régimbald.



Sarah Kane Blasted in Mexico
Blasted in Mexico

Blasted (Devastados) in on in Mexico City to 10 Feb 2002. Its directed by Ignacio Ortiz, translated by Ana Graham and the actors are Arturo Rios (Ian), Ana Graham (Cate) and Ari Brickman (soldier).  Its produced by The National Institute for the Fine Arts and the British Council. Thanks to Ana for the information and the photo.



4.48 Psychose in Zürich, Switzerland

4.48 Psychose (4.48 Psychosis) is playing in the Schauspielhaus in Zürich, Switzerland on various dates to 13 Jan 2002.



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