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4.48 Psychose in Belgium

4.48 psychose- click for link

4.48 Psychosis performed in French, with Dutch subtitles, in Antwerp, Belgium. It was on from 15-18 Jan 2003 at De Singel.

The director is Claude Régy and the players are Isabelle Huppert and Gérard Watkins.  The production was previously in Geneva.

On 17 Jan there was a talk by Matthias Dusesoi before the performance.  There is also a programme book, in Dutch, which you can download.

Click on the image for more details.

Thanks to Michele for the information.


Crave in USA

Crave in USA Crave staged in New York by XO Projects and Theatron in The Old American Can Factory in Brooklyn.  It was on from 17-19 and 24-26 Jan 2003.

"Five bodies, the characters and a dancer, trapped in a raw urban space meet with the audience and share a truth about human experience. Are they four characters, or a man and a woman, each cut in half, or perhaps just one blasted mind? No set, no props, no special effects, no artificial sound. A meeting. A crave".

It is directed by Eugenia Tzirtzilake and performed by Kristen Atkinson, Gian-Murray Gianino, Vicky Kolovou, Brian Pickett and Katarina Vizina.

"Our Crave

We based our interpretation on the idea that A and B are the same man and C and M the same woman, but in different phases in their life, or even in reincarnated forms. A & C is the young couple; B& M the later one, the next reincarnation. (Some references out of many, that led us there: “If you commit suicide you’ll come back go through it again”, “you keep coming back”, “haven’t we been here before?”, “you are not my mother - we were many things”. ) As the years have gone by, the relationships have transformed. A, who is initially the abuser, ends up in the position of the victim, through B’s character. Similarly, C who is the victim at the beginning of the play, is the one pursuing B at the end through M. The shape of the relationship is repeated, like a motif, although the roles are switched.

B is a Boy, not necessarily in age, but in attitude; he doesn’t want to think, he wants to burn out. A is the Abuser, M craves Motherhood, and C is the Child, not necessarily that young, but stuck in the events of her childhood. In our version, the couples do interact; for example B warns A not to make the same mistake, and M tries to protect C as she is the child inside her.

The space is an old can factory, a deserted, sparse and dilapidated setting. The brick walls are all white, with paint peeling off the damp walls, and the huge factory windows have all been blocked off. We use one chair as the set within this space.

In the actors’ movement we use a lot of repetition as reoccurrence, and the desire to break patterns, is something the script evokes, as the characters seek ways to “begin again” and this time make the relationship work. We also use repetition to specify the relationships, as the gestures create physical links.

One of the couples (which means both of them, as one couple exist inside the other, in their heads) exist in a psychiatric hospital. Part of the script is addressed to the audience, asking for help, understanding or acknowledgment, part through the walls to the doctors and nurses, part to each other and part to themselves.

We felt however, that there was another level to the text that we gain as a reader, but that can be lost for the viewer. So we added a dancer to be this abstract and dense level of the play. She is all the characters; she is the mind in which Crave occurs. She makes cycles around them and is invisible to them, as she represents their internal life: she operates on a different level of reality. In A’s monologue for example, A leaves the room and screams the monologue to C from the other side of the wall. M tries to locate the source of the voice in a systematic way so that she can make it stop. C knows it’s in her head and panics; B tries to pacify her but, as it doesn’t work, goes into the next room, beyond the wall, to fight A, through which the monologue continues. At this point the dancer is masturbating on the floor poised between ecstasy and terror. The dancer shows the viewer that C can’t stop the pattern she is part of, because that’s what she wants; she craves abuse, as that’s what she has been taught love is, even though, intellectually, she hates it. (She tells A “you get mixed messages because I have mixed feelings”, or when A lists all the terrible things he’ll do to her and ends up saying “I have lost you now,” C replays “GOT ME.”)

We also added two musicians in the space, not to escort the action but to add one more level. They use the chords of a deconstructed piano (it’s like a huge harp), a viola, a violin and a plastic toy piano among other things.

At the end all actors walk through the audience out of the space in ecstasy in the act of suicide (the door is the one that separates life from death). The dancer steps into the center of the space for the first time, dancing in circular movements as if flying; they are finally free. As the door slams behind them the audience is left in silence and darkness.

We too discovered that the audience should keep a distance from the event in order to witness it, so we separated them from the performance space. We’ve had one preview so far and the audience could hardly breathe, even at the points of humor it was too hard to laugh."

Thanks to Eugenia for the information.


4.48 Psychosis in Leeds, UK

Leeds University Union Theatre Group put on a production of 4.48 Psychosis from 12- 15 Feb 2003. This piece explores the voice of the patient through four actresses, with one male doctor.

The production was also entered for the National Student Drama Festival.

Thanks to Libby for the information.


4.48 Psychosis in Oxford, UK

click for link 4.48 Psychosis at the Burton Taylor Theatre in Oxford.

It was on from 18-22 Feb 2003.  Click on the image for details.


Crave and Phaedra's Love in Ontario, Canada

Crave and Phaedra's Love performed in Ontario Canada from 11-15 Feb 2003.

It's by Mad Jack McMad, directed by Michael Lenic and is at The Baby Grand Theatre in Kingston, Ontario.

Thanks to Mike for the information.


Blasted in Australia

Sarah Kane Blasted - click for link

New Theatre in Newtown present Blasted.  The director is Luke Rogers, set design is by Emma Child and lightoing by Tony Youlden.  The actors are David Ritchie, Janet Chiarabaglio and David Scott.

"This is a work about fragility, survival and hope. A mixture of humour and horror, it raises many questions, but doesn’t necessarily provide any solid answers. Ultimately, Blasted is about a crisis of living. How do we continue to live when life becomes so painful and unbearable?"


Blasted in New Zealand


The New Zealand Premiere of Blasted at Auckland’s SiLO Theatre from 26 Feb – 8 Mar 2003.

The cast are Josephine Davison, Jeff Gane, Matthew Sunderland and the director is Michael Lawrence.

Blasted in New Zealand

"in the small basement theatre (SiLO), set design is limited – however, they are building a hotel room, and this proves to be a very exciting project for us".

Thanks to Kim for the information.


4.48 Psychose in São Paulo, Brazil

Director Claude Régy and actress Isabelle Huppert presented 4.48 Psychose in São Paulo from 23-28 Feb at the Teatro SESC Anchieta, with Portuguese subtitles.

Crave was on in São Paulo, Brazil in Aug 2002 and Blasted is in Feb 2003.

Thanks to Thereza and Gustavo for the information.


Crave in Denmark

Crave, in Danish, at the University of Aarhus in Denmark from 14-16 Mar 2003.  It was played out on a very minimalistic stage, with no props other than a huge red pillow  in the middle of the stage, around which the action takes place.  The actors are Sune Sörensen (A), Jakob Thomsen (B), Inge Kraft (C) and Trine Sörnsen (M).

Thanks to Jakob for the information.


Crave in Derby, UK

Sarah Kane Crave- click for link The Yearning Threatre Company put on a production of Crave at the Derby Playhouse Studio in Derby from 29 Apr - 3 May 2003.

Click on the image for details.

Thanks to Lewis for the information.


Gesäubert /Cleansed Swiss premiere

Gesäubert (Cleansed) had its Swiss premiere on 3 April 2003 at Theater Neumarkt in Zurich. It played until 14 May 2003.

The translation to German is by Elisabeth Plessen, Nils Tabert and Peter Zadek.

Gesaubert- click for link

The actors are Bartosz Kolonko (Graham), Daniel Rohr (Tinker), Felix Eitner (Carl), Tobias Beyer (Rod), Helene Grass (Grace), Joseph de Weck (Robin) and Anna Grisebach (woman).

The Director is Christian Pade, Stage design Alexander Lintl, Music Andreas Guth, Christian Steckroth, Dramaturg Maren Rieger

Click on the image for details.  Thanks to Uwe for the information.


Crave in Cork, Ireland

Playgroup in association with Granary presented Crave at the Granary Theatre, Mardyke, Cork from 29 Apr- 3 May 2003, with the preview 28 Apr. The director is Tom Creed.


Ânsia (Crave) in São Paulo, Brazil

Crave performed in Portuguese (Ânsia) in São Paulo, Brasil at Centro Cultural São Paulo.  It was on from 14 Mar 2003.

ansia- click for link

The director is Rubens Rusche and the actors are Laerte Mello, Nádia De Lion, Solânia Queiroz and Bruno Costa.

Click on the image for more details.  Thanks to Nádia  for the information.


En Manque (Crave) in Monreal, Canada

en manque- click for link Crave be performed in French ('En Manque') at the MAI Theatre, Montréal, from 15 April to 3 May 2003.

The director is Stacey Christodoulou of The Other Theatre.  The translation is by Philippe Ducros.

Thanks to Jess for the information.  Click on the image for more details.


Crave in Fort Worth, USA

FireStarter Productions opened their season with Crave, 15- 17 May 2003 at the Hayes Theatre in Fort Worth, TX.

The cast is David Fluitt (A), Elizabeth Mitchell (C), Michael Truly (B), Nikki Gonzales (M) and Emili Panian (woman).

Directed by Jaime Castaneda, scenic design Nathan Landrum, lighting design, Cristina Arlauskas, sound design David Petersen, costume design Jennifer Dasher and Dramaturg Monique Lara.

Thanks to Jaime for the information.


Crave and Blasted in Mexico: extended dates

Blasted Sarah Kane

Crave opened in Mexico City from 7-25 Mar at Teatro El Granero.  EXTENDED 14 Mar- 8 Jun 2003, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

There was also be a revival of Blasted at the same theatre from 10-25 Mar.  EXTENDED 24 Mar- 9 Jun 2002 Mondays.

For both plays: Ignacio Ortiz is the director and cast members are: Arturo Ríos (Best actor 2001 for Blasted), Ana Graham (Best young actress 2001 for Blasted), Ari Brickman and Tania Ruiz (Only in Crave).

Blasted Sarah Kane

Its produced by The British Council in Mexico, Mexico’s National Found for Culture and Arts and Mexico’s National Institute of the Fine Arts. Thanks to Ana for the information.


Crave and Phaedra's Love student productions in Northampton UK

Sarah Kane in Northampton, UK Two student productions by a third year drama group who have been studying Sarah Kane plays as part of the Theatre Laboratory Module.  There are two productions at University Northampton, St Georges Avenue, Northampton:

- Crave on 9-10 Jun 2003
- Phaedra's Love 11-12 Jun 2003

Phaedra was being jointly directed by Nick Hook and Lorna Wood and Crave by Mike Hayhurst.

Thanks to Karen for the information.


4.48 Psychose in Linz, Austria

4.48 Psychose in Austria- click for link

4.48 Psychose (4.48 Psychosis) on at the Landestheater, Linz in Austria.  It was performed on various dates between 16 May and 14 June 2003.

The cast are Bettina Buchholz, Marianne Hamre, Silvia Giogner and Sigrun Schneggenburger.

Click on the image for more information.  Thanks to Markus for the information.

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