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Steven Berkoff film 1970s



In the seventies Berkoff worked with Stanley Kubrick on A Clockwork Orange and Barry Lyndon, and with Antonioni in The Passenger.  He had the basis for a cult film career.


Nicholas and Alexandra Nicholas and Alexandra

A TV mini-series about the fall of the Tsar. Olivier and many other British actors are in the film.  A tiresome overlong film, which suffers badly from comparisons with Dr Zhivago.  In Berkoff´s very short non-speaking role he is one of Lenin's revolutionaries.

Nicholas and Alexandra Steven Berkoff  Nicholas and Alexandra Steven Berkoff

Lenin, and in the background Berkoff looks on.

Nicholas and Alexandra Steven Berkoff

Berkoff like everyone else is lost amid the hoards of stars.  Directed by Franklin J. Schaffner in 1971.


A Clockwork Orange A Clockwork Orange

A small role in Stanley Kubrick´s filming of the Anthony Burgess novel. The novel, about violence and using futuristic Russian slang, has elements of Berkoff´s East.  Berkoff plays the sadistic policeman, so an early version of his Rambo role, in a scene just after McDowell is arrested.  Berkoff's use of body language is spot on.  Directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1971.

Steven Berkoff in Clockwork Orange

Steven Berkoff in Clockwork Orange



The Passenger The Passenger
also known as Professione: Reporter

Jack Nicholson directed by Antonioni. A disillusioned reporter in the desert takes on the identity of anther man who has died, and he turns up at the appointments in the dead man's diary. The reporter finds he is involved in gun running.  A very tedious very long film, Nicholson is not suited to Antonioni´s style and the result is plodding dialogue and uninspired acting by everyone.  Berkoff has a minor role as the lover in a relationship falling apart. His lines are stilted and there is no emotion between the two ex-lovers.  Directed by Michelangelo Antonioni in 1975.

Antonioni The Passenger with Berkoff


Barry Lyndon Barry Lyndon

Kubrick´s period piece filmed, unusually for him, outside Britain, in Ireland. Berkoff´s second Kubrick film alongside A Clockwork Orange.  Berkoff has two short scenes as Lord Ludd, a dandy. He loses at cards to Robert Ryan and then loses at swords in a duel.  Directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1975.

Berkoff in Barry Lyndon   Steven Berkoff in Barry Lyndon

Joseph Andrews

Joseph Andrews.  A tiresome and reverential film  of novel by Henry Fielding- surely the last thing to do with Fielding.  Directeed by Tony Richardson in 1977 with Peter Firth as Andrews and other well-known British actors including John Gielgud,  and Swedish-American Ann-Margaret fill up the cast.

Joseph Andrews

Berkoff has a small role as "Greasy Fellow".

Joseph Andrews

He tries to take advantage of a woman but is knocked out.

Joseph Andrews

Quietly he revives...

Joseph Andrews Steven Berkoff

... and takes a hostage.

Berkoff and Peter Firth would later work togther in Prisoner of Rio and Michael Horden (Parson Adams) had already worked with Berkoff on the television play "Sir Jocelyn, the Minister Would Like a Word... ".

All images from the DVD of the film.


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